Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Music Review :)

Now Playing - Cowgirl Kiss-offs Playlist from Songza

Evening folks!!

So as a music lover, I asked for, and received a couple new CDs this Christmas season.

Now on this album, there was a sticker on the front that said something along the lines of '7 albums in 7 years!'..which at first I thought was an amazing feat and really cool. But honestly after listening to this album, I sorta feel like it was rushed. Like it was just made in order to keep this streak up. Not saying that it was a horrible album, but nothing really struck me. Yes, Diamonds, is currently on the radio and it's pretty good, but a lot of her music is kinda slow and crass which isn't my favourite from Rihanna. The song that really hit me and made me turn up the music, was of course the most controversial song on the whole album, 'Nobody's Business' with Chris Brown, who unless you've been living under a rock, you know is the ex-bf who abused Rihanna. A lot of people have, or are going to have an issue with this song, but from for me, from only a musical point of view, this song had attitude, had a great beat and you can't dispute Chris or Rihanna's quality of voice. Anywho..that being said, this may be another Rihanna CD that I'll have to listen to a few more times before I really enjoy it. But my advice would be to take a break and not push to have 8 albums out in 8 is all about quality, not quantity, in my opinion.

So when I first started hearing about this album, all I could hear was great things and how amazing every new song was and such (There are really only like 7-8 new songs on this 3 disc CD). I was really excited because I am usually really pumped for Nicki Minaj music because of how 'power' she is and how original she is. These new songs were alright, but for some reason I didn't get hooked until song 7 of this first CD and song 8 was a repeat from her last Roman Reloaded CD. So let's talk about the music...Song 7 entitled 'The Boys' ft. Cassie is a very interesting kind of song. It starts off pounding and  strong and rap filled, then it kinda mellows out a touch and then finally goes into a sort of ballad type form. It's like a rollercoaster for your ears, but because of the start, I found myself switching to it all of the time! The 8th song which is 'Va Va Voom' was actually on the Roman Reloaded CD that I got earlier this year. It's a really good song, very upbeat and very Nicki. Just found it kinda odd that they included it in this new release set, but oh well, music biz for ya. 

So after those two reviews, I honestly gotta say that I wasn't blown away by either album...that being said, they will still stay in my car and I will probably learn to love both of them equally. 


P.S. - I'm super excited to buy new CD's with the HMV gift card that I got too!! Any recommendations??

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Oh Dear...

This poor blog...started out with such great intentions yet I feel like it gets neglected...

I'm not sure why that is..maybe it's because I'm not a super duper intense love to write when I was younger, I'd start journals all the time..go steady for a few days and then forget about them...just not a huge writer. Like I know that some people love to write and feel therapeutic when they do, but I'm an oral person so I like to say things out loud in order to express myself..probably why I 'talk to myself' ;). 


I'm really going to try and stick to a schedule of blogging in 2013!! And not pressure myself to feel like I have to write something revolutionary in every post...I think that may be why I don't write as much...I feel like each post needs to be therapeutic, refreshing, funny, great, insightful and just fabulous..which is sooooo not realistic!! 

I got a great plaque for Christmas that I cannot shut up about and it's words reasonate so much with me. I think I am going to use it as inspiration for my upcoming year. 

'What does your heart say?'

What great, simple words. Gosh fits me so well. Such hope in just five little words. Anywho! I'm going to post this as it is because it's pure and it's me :). 

Much love from me to you and have a safe new year!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Noteworthy - December 19, 2012

You know I said it's true
I can feel the love
Can you feel it too
I can feel it ah-ah
I can feel it ah-ah


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Everyone's Got a First ;)

Evening folks!

So if you read the title, you kinda know what I'm going to be talking about, something everyone experiences...FIRSTS!!! It was funny today because I had a few friends telling me all about their individual firsts; one had had her first curling experience and another had her first substitute teaching experience :). I love hearing about people and their 'firsts', it means that people around me are trying things and taking chances. It means that we are living and we aren't being stagnant with our lives. 


Anywho... since this is a music blog, I thought I would share two firsts that I had. And hopefully hear other's as well :)

That's Fergie in the orange!
First Concert - Cher, with Cyndi Lauper and Wild Orchid(the girl trio that Fergie was in before BEP!) - So I went to this concert when I was 10 or in Grade 5. My Dad is a major Cher fan (I specifically him introducing me to this song!) so when she was coming to Edmonton we just HAD to go!! It was my first experience so I thought that it was kinda bad quality sound and we were far away but just being in the atmosphere and the ambience was amazing. It was so loud, but it definitely hooked me! Seeing live shows is something I love. Since then I've been to over 10 shows at that venue and every time I love it :). I love when artists get to show off their craft and I get to experience it with other music lovers :).

First CD - Britney Spears by Britney Spears - So this probably not that surprising but yup, Baby One More Time was my first CD. I remember my Dad coming home from Radio Shack with it and I was so stoked..for the music and the quality..and honestly, also for the preview of upcoming Backstreet Boys songs. I was 11 and in Grade 6 when this album came out. I thought I was so cool :). Still a favourite and still on my iPhone to this day!

So hopefully after reading this, you look back at your own firsts and hopefully plan some more! Because how can you learn what you like if you don't try it first ;)


Thursday, 8 November 2012

In Honor of CFR y'all!!

Hi Y'all (yup it's gonna be a country music post, so if that ain't your thang, then mosey on ;))

SO! A couple of friends and I are going to CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo) in Edmonton tomorrow and in honor of that, I figured I would put together some of my favorite cowboy inspired songs...and the picture helps too ;).

To start off, the title is just the perfect song for this theme. I want a cowboy after listening to this song. 'I want the Wranglers, stetson and all that stuff' sings Reba..and um...YES PLEASE!! 

Is it just me or is there this glowing, alluring light behind cowboys? Don't we all want to be ridden off into the sunset? Heck, my Mom is a 'rough tough farm girl' as my Dad calls her and I'm sure she'd be tickled pink if I came home on the arm of a farmer tanned boy!...I would be too...;)

Anywho! Enough about are some more great songs!!

Rodeo - Garth Brooks - for Trish ;) - Couldn't find the video.

Can't wait to cowgirl up ;)


Monday, 5 November 2012

Stuff for....FREE?!?!?!

Evening friends!!

So!! This post isn't gonna be that much music based as my other's about products!! Woot! 

So there is this website called Influenster..and see what ya do is you collect Badges that showcase who you are and what you like and what you do. Then... when they decided to do certain VoxBoxes, they will contact you if you fit the mold and you can do tasks to earn these Boxes full of free stuff to sample and review!! Yes...FREE!! What could be better???! And you get them just by being you!!



So go check it out and maybe sign up and get some badges! I have great people in my life that cover all sorts of spectrums! You should get free stuff for it!! 

Wishing you anything ;)


P.S. - If you get free stuff, could ya share? ;) jk.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Put You in a Song :)

Good evening music lovahs!! (Reitman's throwback!!)

So this post is going to be a celebratory, gushy, Marie shows her friends some love post!! Woot!!

So I was listening to the song above this afternoon and was thinking that I love when songs remind me of memories, of moments, and most importantly...of PEOPLE!! I love when a certain song comes randomly on the radio or on my iPod and instantly I think of one of my friends because I feel the joy that I know when I'm with that person and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :). So here are a few hits on the compilation CD that is my friendzone ;).

  (Ok so you were pre-warned above that this was gonna be gushy)
-Ok what can I honestly write about this girl, she is my best friend and always will be. We became friends in grade 8, just starting our teen years so I know if that can't break us, nothing will!! Opposites attract on this one, she's artsy and musical, I'm sporty and logical. We balance each other and support each other. There is an understanding between us that can never be broken. We don't need to see each other to know that we are best friends. When we meet up, or text, or anything, everything is just as if we've never left each other. It's awesome to have someone like that to fall back on. It gives a person a sense of bearing and she's my biggest supporter, encouraging me to go for my goals and being proud of me. I love her for that. I can't imagine my life without her, I don't know who I'd be or if I'd have the same level of strength that I do now. She's just a great person and I feel so lucky to have her, and luckily all of these songs remind me of her!! So she's around a lot ;) 

-Like minded, teacher, country lover, and a big supporter. Couldn't imagine my life without this girl either. Whether it's teaching me to dance, encouraging me to pursue things or getting me a job so I could move to the city, there is always fun with this girl. Memories of cupcakes, throwing shoes and two-stepping in a field come flooding back when I hear these songs. I love that she's always with me too and her strength, determination and strong mind are inspirational to me. 

-Ok I know she only got one song but that's because I don't get nearly enough time with this girl because of her crazy work schedule!! But the time we do get together I cherish and feel cool when we roll down the streets with this on blast. Two white chicks blaring Kanye West has to look cool right?!!?!

Man Down by Rihanna reminds me of....

-I honestly remember making a special trip to Walmart so that she could buy this CD because she was so obsessed with this song. And that's the way this girl is; so passionate and focused. I love her drive and her composure and her ease of life. I think her maturity is amazing and I'm in awe of her all of the time. Love her :)


-Oh the days when this song was her text tone and it would go off in my car and cut off my music for 15 seconds each time...grrr.. jk. I love this girl and her supportive nature. I also love when she hangs out with me when the rest of our group is two stepping so that I don't have to be alone. She is who she is and she isn't gonna change that for anyone. I love that about her. I also love that I get to call her family :)

Well that's the top 5 of this countdown...just wanted to take a few minutes out of my day and show my girls some love. And let them know that I think of them often ;)

Thanks for reading and rock on!


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I Wanna Do It All!!

Hi there dreamers!!

Hey guys, so I'm sitting here just randomly listening to music and playing a Facebook game when this song pops on. I've heard it before and loved it, but something just clicked tonight and I just felt compelled to make this blog post. See lots of changes have been happening in my life, for better or worse depending on how you look at it...


It really got me thinking as to what my goals and aspirations were. It's funny because I can remember a few years ago when I was hanging out with my friend Crystal and I noticed on her wall that she had a list of things she wanted to get done in her life. I thought it was such an abstract concept, but something that I really wanted to do, seems like my dreams should be on paper so I have a tangible record of them and when I do them, I can cross them off and feel satisfied. I love Crystal, she does SOOO many things and is just so passionate about life!! Always happy, healthy and her enthusiasm for life just spreads and she's so amazing to be around :) 

So..I decided to record five things that I wanna do in my lifetime...they can be anything!!

1. Go to Las Vegas with some girlfriends - I've gone there with family and yeah it was fun, but I would love to go with my girls and show them the town ;).

2. Record music in a studio - I LOVE to sing, but alas, I also have a shy bug. I would love to be in a studio for even an hour and record something. I think it would be fun :).

3. Go back to Germany - I went in Grade 12 but we were there for less than 24 hours!! It may sound silly but it just felt like home! I wanna walk around and feel that way for a while. 

4. Travel across Canada based around mini golf courses - I love travel and I love why not!!! :)

5. Decorate an apartment - it's always been my goal to have my own place and fill it with cute stuffs and make it uniquely my own. Also let my current stuff spread out and not be so crowded :)

So! There are five things, there are a lot more, but five is a good number for now!

What would you add to your rhinestoned bucket list? If you could do it all, what would you do first? 

Dream big dreams,


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Songs I've 'Fall'en For ;)

Now Playing - Playa Boi - Cher Lloyd

Hey y'all!!

What's going on?? Who had snow this morning...err...did I just say that 's' word?!? Well either way, new season = what?...NEW MUSIC..and THAT makes this girl one happy clam!! :)

So just a quick blog post about the recent loves that have been eating up my iPhone :)

1. Song that is currently playing - ever since I heard this song and Cher's voice on the chorus, I was hooked and heck it's message reasonates as to what I'm looking for ;)

2. Swagger Jagger - Cher Lloyd - if anyone can enlighten me to as what song she is kinda covering at the beginning, I would appreciate it! It's soooo familiar!! Gah!! Anywho! After that awesome hook, this is a fun electronic hit, that is just fun to rock out to!!

3. Behind the Music - Cher Lloyd...if you couldn't tell, I just bought her new album "Sticks & Stones". Just a very heartfelt, slower song, but still has her biting voice and funky lyrics. Love her voice :).

4. Looking Hot - No Doubt - Starts off kinda slow, but this song is very No Doubt. Love Gwen's voice on this. The rest of the album seems pretty textbook and, honestly, not a whole lot of variation. Loved that they included remixes to mix it up, but I wasn't blown away. I wanted a 'Hella Good' song but alas, 'I'm Just a Girl' waiting ;). 

5. Guitar String/Wedding Ring - Carly Rae Jepsen - having just gone through a breakup, you'd think I'd want nothing to do with romantic, 'wedding' songs, but you know what? Carly's voice is just so fresh and fun on this song that it doesn't feel super sappy...and a girl has to have hope...right?? Very cute song :)

So those are the songs that I've recently discovered and felt compelled to include. But believe me...there will be others!!

Wishing you all the best and hoping that the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend gives you tons to be thankful for :)


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Noteworthy - October 2, 2012


Now Playing - Take Me As I Am  - Faith Hill

I don't need a bed of roses
'Cause roses wither away
All I really need is honesty
From someone with a strong heart
A gentle hand
Who'll take me as I am


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Pout It Out!!

Now Playing - Red Lipstick - Rihanna

Hey Guys!! Oh dear...two blog posts two days in a row...who am I???

Ok! So this blog post is all about my trial of 9 lip products that are all based around the colour RED!!

And you may ask why I'm doing's because I wanna do a pin-up look on my YouTube channel and I wanted to nail the red lip!

So here are my swatches and lip looks :) Enjoy! And if you could vote in the comments that would be great!!

Diva Red by Rimmel London
Candy Apple by Revlon

Hot Passion by CoverGirl
Smoulder by No. 7
Red Revival by Maybelline
Refreshing Red by Maybelline
Romantic by Revlon
Shout by Annabelle

Passion by Covergirl
In the Passion photo, the top lip is just the lip liner. The bottom lip is the lip liner with Annabelle's Shout over top. 

I used Nivea Soothing Care lip balm between each lip product trial to protect and moisturize your lips. I had a lot of fun with this trial and I think I have a better idea of which lip I'm going to use. 

Vote for your favorite red!!

Hope you have a 'red'iculously awesome Saturday :)


Friday, 24 August 2012

Wide Awake - Artist Focus

Hey Guys...and Dolls!!

So this Artist Focus has been in the works for a while now! Can you guess who it is???

My favourite brunette risk-taker: KATY PERRY!! Just saying her name makes me smile :)

I can honestly remember the first time I heard little miss Katy Perry...I was driving home for my lunch break, it was raining and the people on my SIRIUS radio were all in a hizzy because of this new song called 'I Kissed a Girl'...and I'm like 'what new hip hop or indie guy put that song out?'...but the surprising part? It was by a GIRL!! A girl kissed a girl and she put it on the radio?!?!?! WHAT?!! That's crazy!'s Katy!

She is a envelope pushing, risk-taker who makes people gasp at her songs. Buying her first album was sooo exciting, I couldn't wait to see what else she had out there and boy did I get an earful. I remember falling in love with Hot and Cold, the catchiness, the bluntness, and the cuteness of it. Another song I loved? Ur So Gay! Just a song that put Katy on the radar!

Now after that brilliance of a first album, I was sooo excited to see Katy at Warped Tour. It was cute because her then-bf Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes was also at the venue and it was his birthday and she surprised him with cake!! So cute!! Also at that event? An intoxicated female also tried to kiss a girl..which girl?...THIS GIRL! and I politely let her down..

So following the first album, I was really interested to see what Katy would put out as a follow-up..not wanting her to be a one album wonder. And boy did she not disappoint!! California Gurls came out and blew us all away...well me anyway..I don't wanna speak for anyone else! It was cute, it was fresh and it was fun and perfectly placed for summer! Other hits from that album? Teenage Dream, Not Like the Movies, and Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Her sound is so cute, so girly, and just really fun. It's easy, but Katy also has a power song vibe to her. Like the song that I'm listening to...she is wide awake when it comes to dealing with problems. And to heart those kinds of songs coming from her make Katy an all around artist. Can't wait to see what's next!!

Love ya Katy!!

Wishing you all great Teenage Dreams!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mama & Me!!

Now Playing - My specially made playlist that I will list down below :)

Hi Guys!!

Ok, just some formalities to begin! I feel like I have been neglecting this time to start giving it some love..which means? A blog post a day for like a week! Yay!!

So to start off..this is going to be a life experience blog...let's just say.

So back in June..well earlier than that cuz I had to book the Mom and I got professional photos done..and this is going to be the focus of this blog! 

Since the beginning of all of these gorgeous photo shoots popping up on Facebook and Twitter, I've wanted to do one with my Mom. Now it may seem strange that I didn't immediately want a family photo shoot but for some reason I just wanted to showcase me and my mom's bond...and my mom hates getting her photo taken..doesn't think she's pretty...which she is..prettiest woman alive inside and out! I really wanted to surprise my mom and showcase her to the world. I wanted everyone to see how beautiful she was to me and what a great, uplifting person she is :). She's always been there for me and is my biggest fan and my best shoulder to cry on. So when the opportunity arose, and a friend of mine named Chelsea (Her Facebook page!) started her own photography business, I jumped at the chance to get our photos done! I saw some of Chelsea's work and knew her personality (bubbly, super funny and cute, and all around big-hearted) so I knew that our photo shoot would be super fun and we would get great photos! Which is what happened!!

So the day of the photos comes and brilliant me decides that we are getting them done at 6:00 am at the golf course!! What was I thinking? I'm soooo not a morning person! Just picture me, 5:30 in the morning, groggy as sin, trying to do some kind of makeup and what colour do I choose?? This super pigmented, light blue!...ALL. OVER. MY. EYELID! Thank goodness even groggy me has sense and I rubbed that off and chose light pink and peachy colours! So me and my Mom race to the golf course, because if you know know I'm always late. We get there, we meet up with Chelsea who's scarily chipper for it being 6 am on a Saturday! But thank goodness she was! Her energy was infectious and made us both come alive! After that the shoot went by soo fast and was soo comfortable and just natural that everything flowed. We laughed, giggled, chatted, reminisced and just had a great morning..great weather too! I honestly didn't want it to end! I kept looking for other places where she could take our photo and turn it into magic. But alas, it had to end, and after we left, me and my mama went and got tea, because that's how we roll. It was one of the best days of my life and I'm so glad I have these photos as memories of that day. I think it cements our relationship and down the road I can show my daughter the photos and hopefully all three of us can have a photo shoot...with Chelsea? ;). 

Now that you've read my account of what happened, comes the visual/oral part of this blog post. Knowing me, of course I made a playlist for this event! And as I listen to it right now, tears fill my eyes because my mama is in every one of these songs, and the messages are heart melting. So hope you guys enjoy the playlist and the pics...and if you do(which you should!)...give Chelsea a ring...she kicks ass behind the camera! And she's a great, proud mama too ;).

PhotoShoot Playlist

Spice Girls - Mama (How could I not include this?)
Taylor Swift - The Best Day (It really was...)
Jeannie C. Riley - Harper Valley P.T.A. (A favorite of my mama and now is one of my favs!)
Tanya Tucker - Two Sparrows In A Hurricane (One of my mama's favorite singers; I took her to her concert and we sang our favorites out loud together)
Terri Clark - Poor, Poor Pitiful Me (Another artist my mama loves and so do I, we also went to this concert together!!)
Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors (A song that my mama loves and reminds me of when I was really young and my mama would make me mittens and toques, which I loved)
Terri Clark - Now That I've Found You (One of my mama's favorite songs by this artist)
Wilson Philips - Hold On (This song was on a playlist my Dad made my mama (see where I get it from?) and I fell in love with it!)
Faith Hill - You Can't Lose Me (The defining song for me and my mama's relationship)


This is me and my mama's thing :) even today!
My beautiful mama!
Isn't her smile infectious!
Love talking to my mama and getting advice from her!
Love this one!

Thanks for taking the time to read about this special day!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Noteworthy - July 11, 2012


If it's not like the movies,
That's how it should be, yeah.
When he's the one,
He'll come undone,
And my world will stop spinning,
And that's just the beginning, oh, yeah.

'Cause I know you're out there,
And you're, you're looking for me, oh.
It's a crazy idea that you were made perfectly for me
You'll see.

*This song has played 4-5 times randomly on my iPhone throughout this week. I feel like when songs happen that frequently they mean something. This song 'speaks' to me and I love being able to share it. So beautiful.*


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Noteworthy - June 28, 2012


Now Playing - You Get Me - Michelle Branch

'So I'm a little left of center 
I'm a little out of tune
Some say I'm paranormal
So I just bend their spoon
Who wants to be ordinary
In a crazy, mixed-up world'


Monday, 25 June 2012

Starry Eyed - Artist Focus

Hi Guys...and Gals ;)

I hope you all are doing really well!! I'm super excited for this blog post..because it's the first one that I've ever had requested!!! (Thanks Jen ;))

So! Let's begin :) I've already talked a bit about this artist in an earlier 'favorites' New CD Tuesday...but she's SOOO amazing..I feel like she needs her own Artist Focus!

Isn't she gorgeous..she kinda looks like my first Artist Focus ;)

This is girl is none other than.....ELLIE GOULDING..if you didn't guess by what I'm playing ;).

So for me, Ellie kinda fell into my lap, she kinda just was playing aimlessly on the radio one day, just a normal day..but all of a sudden...her voice cut through the radio waves and the frizzle frazzle that is my mind and said 'HEY!! LISTEN TO ME..I'M AMAZING!!'..ok she didn't actually say that..but how cool would that be?!?!

After hearing her hit 'Lights' on the radio...I went right away to my iTunes store and bought her album Bright I suggest all of you should!

It's definitely saying something when I go out and buy an album after only hearing and loving one song off of that album..I've been burned too many times with bad albums that my rule now is that I must love AT LEAST two songs on the album before it gets purchased...unless it's a seasoned favorite and then I know I'll like it :). 

So with Bright Lights on my iPhone, it got random play in my life, and was ok for a while..until one day I listened really closely and heard Ellie come out and shine again!! Wow...was it a Bright Light ;).

Her voice is beautiful, haunting, silky, and just a pleasure to listen to. She has a folky kind of sense to her voice. It's not over processed like other voices in the industry. She seems down to earth and just like  a cafe artist. I like the semi electronic tendency of her music and she is just a light, airy musical experience. Her music sounds like soundtrack music, when the heroine is in a montage of brilliance, or a soft moment where the couple reunites at the airport. Ellie is just amazing. This might be a moment of TMI, but she is perfect bath music :). 

So if this review hasn't enticed you to buy the CD, at least go on the YouTube videos and check her out. She is brilliant and fits in really well with this semi cloudy sort of day that I have in my neighborhood. Her music seems like music you'd have on when sipping tea looking out a window at the rain :). Just calming and serene, but beautiful and super feminine. 

Hope you all check her out!...she also has a song with Skrillex!! And she does a mean Elton John cover!!

Wishing you a great day at Home ;)


Thursday, 14 June 2012

To Cruise or Not To Cruise?...What a Crazy Question!

Hi Guys!!

So this is going to be a short little blog post showcasing the best stress relief that I personally know of!!...and was shocked to discover that not everyone does this!! :O

So it may seem simple, and everyone probably does it in their own way..but my stress relief is?????

And I don't mean on a cruise ship...I mean getting in your vehicle, cranking the tunes, and just venturing out mindlessly.

Yes you may say.."but Marie what about outrageous gas prices"..or "Marie what about environmental hazards and such??"...well for me sanity and well-being far outweigh these things...well not the environmental thing..but sorry about that!!

Anyway! Back to the positivity of this blog post!

My Rosie :)

I can't explain what comes over me when I get into my 'Rosie' (my SUV's name) and put on my old iPod or my iPhone and hear a song that triggers a memory, triggers my inner rockstar, or my inner soul star...we all have have to find your own! ;)

All I know is that if I'm mad, or sad, or happy, or elated, or all of the can usually find me driving up and down Main Street blaring my tunes and just lovin' it! Yeah I may look crazy because I'm singing my head off..but you know what? Those other drivers only see me for like 2 seconds and then I'm gone! And you know what??? I betcha they wish they could be as carefree and high on life as I look and feel in that moment!!

So...even if this isn't for you..and you haven't ever done it..I promise, if you get into your car, blare feel good a power song about loving yourself (see above)'ll suddenly feel your inner rockstar come out and the world will be your audience that loves, adores, and aims to make you blissfully happy :)

Because of course..isn't that what life's about? Finding your happy and lengthening it for as long as possible??

Wishing you the best of drives ;)


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Keeps Gettin' Better - Artist Focus


Hope you all are having an amazing day!! So! Imagination time!! 

Scenario: Alone at home. 23 year old girl. Sound system downstairs. Remote, that, at times, can be used as bedazzling required. Urge to dance insistent. Alphabetized assortment of cds (no I'm not kidding, over 500 of our cds are alphabetized by ARTIST!!). So...what do ya pick????


If you're me...which of course you aren't, but for the sake of this blog post..let's say you are!

You pick?!?!?!?!

Just Gorgeous

Christina Aguilera!!



(tmi? ;))

Hmm...well now that we've possibly overshared...let's get to the 'meat and potatoes' of this blog post!

This is going to be my first, and hopefully not last! edition of Artist Focus!! Which is going to be me ranting, raving, expelling my love for artists that catch me. 

So I love Christina. Always have. Always will! Ever since Genie in a Bottle..which funny enough is the first song that came on Jango when I started my Christina channel...I have loved this girl!

Now you probably know that I love me some 'power' songs. This girl...that's pretty much all she makes. Whether it's a girl power song, or a love power song, or a human in general power song, she doesn't do mediocre or timid...let's just say. 

One of my all time favorite songs ever..which also inspired me to start a MOTIVATION Fighter...guys honestly, I'm speechless, which doesn't usually happen, my family can attest to that..but this song is amazing! It's the oral kick me in the ass, motivate the heck out of me song that I need every day! It's that song that I wish could be on my life soundtrack when I'm standing up to unruly coworkers or pondering whether or not to workout (my own personal struggle)'s just amazing. And honestly was the entire reason I wanted to write this blog post expressing my love for Christina...without her my life would be void of this song..and that, my friends, would be tragic!

Another song that I LOVE from her? Well...all of them...but Can't Hold Me Down..her collab with Lil' fan-flippin-tastic! The message, the intensity, the overall girl strength that is emitted from this song is mind-blowing. It has an electric charge that is just amazing. The message is very relevant these days, and makes me want to start my own woman c'mon how amazing would that be? 

So..before this blog gets into crazy, just spouting from anywhere town...I'm gonna close it out by saying...thank goodness for Christina Aguilera and her amazing sound! Every album is different, every album has awesome songs and every time she opens her mouth to sing this girl produces is magic.

OH. EM. GEE...BURLESQUE!! IF YOU ARE FEMALE AND HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE...I RECOMMEND IT! GAH! I almost forgot about it! Amazing movie! I have no words...just do it, download it, watch it, laugh, cry, love...that's all I ask ;).

Other Christina Greats???

Wishing you an Xceptional (like Xtina ;)) day!!


Monday, 28 May 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

Now Playing - Carry On - Fun.

Original one ;)
Hi guys and gals :)

Um yes please?
How are you doing today?...and don't just answer the socially expected response of 'good, how are you?', I want to know how you are actually doing!! I myself like to razzle up this question by saying 'fabulous' or 'super' or 'icky' as was the response today ;).

Mmmm chocolate 
Ever have one of those days where, if you got up, went to work, didn't lose a limb, and made it home with all of your senses still in tact, it was a good day? Nothing amazingly productive got done, but yet you didn't get fired either? Well...that was my day today. 

Love this one!
I tried to be a good daughter/sister and go golfing with my family yesterday, and what do I get for it? Heat stroke and a wicked sun burn!! Never again!! (jk ;)). So yeah, from about 5 pm yesterday to 4 pm today, I was 'useless' (which reminds me of More Than Useless by Relient K, which reminds me of one of my best friends Alyssa, which makes me happy lol). After feeling useless, my mantra today was just to carry on, pull through, tough it out, buck up, man up, put my back into..etc. This feeling inspired me to look through my iTunes library and find songs that would 'inspire' me. And Fun. is doing an amazing job!! Also did an amazing job...Will Smith - Miami...just sayin'. 

Aww Simba 
So what did my daily reflection on my day teach me? (Something I unconsciously do because of my teaching practicums.). It showed me that I can be weak and you know what??...that's OK!! People are allowed to be weak and need a two hour lunch because their bodies just aren't up to it. And why should we push, push, push when in the long run, we aren't gonna make that much headway anyway? I know in this day-to-day life, jobs are competitive, perseverance is rewarded and the strong survive, but you know what? How can I be strong tomorrow if myself today is struggling and I just continue to make it struggle? I encourage all y'all out there who feel like today is too much, life is too much, work is too much, your relationships are too much, to just step back and let your inner child have a nap, skip down the path, or buy a SLURPEE!! Take breaks people! Don't always be the hero, because how can you be the hero tomorrow when you didn't get enough rest today? 

Love this song :)
You are allowed to rest.

You are allowed to say NO.

You are allowed to nap!!

Be you...whoever that you, because you know what? 

You are the only you the world's got ;).

Wishing you the best 'mental nap' ever!


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Well, Fancy That

Now Playing - Fancy - Drake

Good Mother's Day Afternoon!

I just realized that my nails kinda match this lip gloss!
Best beauty tip from Mama? Stay natural, but always brush your teeth!!

Best musical influence from Mama? Country... like Reba!!

Hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day!!

Love you Mama Jo ;)


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New CD Tuesday - May 8th Edition - Songs I'm Loving Edition!

Now Playing - The Five Songs I Will Talk About Below!

Well hello there!

Me 'jamming out' ;)

So this edition of my new CD Tuesday featurette is going to be a bit different because I am not going to be talking one specific album, but rather four songs that I have fallen in love with recently!

So let's jump right in and make this short ;)

1. Send Me on My Way - Rusted Root (Album: When I Woke) - If you are like me and grew up in the 90's, you should recognize this song! Hint hint...Matilda! This song was recently on a NHL Stanley Cup commercial and it just flicked a memory switch in my brain. This has become my new get up and go, motivation song. I play it in the bathroom in the morning and it gets me up and shaking for my day :). Love that!

2. Lights - Ellie Goulding (Album: Bright Lights) - I first heard this song on my local radio station and at first, like a lot of songs I end up liking, I wasn't a huge fan, but as I heard it more and more, I got grabbed by Ellie's beautifully soft yet catchy voice and song style. I went out and bought her album on iTunes and have it playing in Rosie(my SUV :)) every so often. Love finding new artists!

3. One Foot - Fun. (Album: Some Nights) - So this song, and the next one, came out of nowhere. I actually bought this album for another song (We Are Young), but as I was listening to it on my drives, I fell in love with this song. It's cutely catchy and I love the pounding sounds in the back. Makes me feel cool when cruising ;).

4. Some Nights - Fun. (Album: Some Nights) - As I said previously, this song was unexpected, but so glad I found it :). It's such a fun song. Very declarative and I like the marching aspect to it. I love the rawness of the singers voice on it as well :) Great song!

5. Canadian Girls - Dean Brody (Album: Dirt) - Gotta include my country! Especially when it's country about my country!! I love that Dean Brody, a Canadian(!!), wrote a song about us Canadian girls and how great we are. I honestly feel that there is a lack of great Canadian girl songs. I can also think of Northern Girl - Terri Clark, but that's about it. If you can think of any, leave a comment below!! 

Thanks for reading my ramblings :)

Hope you get to hear 'your jam' sometime today,


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