Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh Dear...

This poor blog...started out with such great intentions yet I feel like it gets neglected...

I'm not sure why that is..maybe it's because I'm not a super duper intense love to write when I was younger, I'd start journals all the time..go steady for a few days and then forget about them...just not a huge writer. Like I know that some people love to write and feel therapeutic when they do, but I'm an oral person so I like to say things out loud in order to express myself..probably why I 'talk to myself' ;). 


I'm really going to try and stick to a schedule of blogging in 2013!! And not pressure myself to feel like I have to write something revolutionary in every post...I think that may be why I don't write as much...I feel like each post needs to be therapeutic, refreshing, funny, great, insightful and just fabulous..which is sooooo not realistic!! 

I got a great plaque for Christmas that I cannot shut up about and it's words reasonate so much with me. I think I am going to use it as inspiration for my upcoming year. 

'What does your heart say?'

What great, simple words. Gosh fits me so well. Such hope in just five little words. Anywho! I'm going to post this as it is because it's pure and it's me :). 

Much love from me to you and have a safe new year!


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