Monday, June 25, 2012

Starry Eyed - Artist Focus

Hi Guys...and Gals ;)

I hope you all are doing really well!! I'm super excited for this blog post..because it's the first one that I've ever had requested!!! (Thanks Jen ;))

So! Let's begin :) I've already talked a bit about this artist in an earlier 'favorites' New CD Tuesday...but she's SOOO amazing..I feel like she needs her own Artist Focus!

Isn't she gorgeous..she kinda looks like my first Artist Focus ;)

This is girl is none other than.....ELLIE GOULDING..if you didn't guess by what I'm playing ;).

So for me, Ellie kinda fell into my lap, she kinda just was playing aimlessly on the radio one day, just a normal day..but all of a sudden...her voice cut through the radio waves and the frizzle frazzle that is my mind and said 'HEY!! LISTEN TO ME..I'M AMAZING!!'..ok she didn't actually say that..but how cool would that be?!?!

After hearing her hit 'Lights' on the radio...I went right away to my iTunes store and bought her album Bright I suggest all of you should!

It's definitely saying something when I go out and buy an album after only hearing and loving one song off of that album..I've been burned too many times with bad albums that my rule now is that I must love AT LEAST two songs on the album before it gets purchased...unless it's a seasoned favorite and then I know I'll like it :). 

So with Bright Lights on my iPhone, it got random play in my life, and was ok for a while..until one day I listened really closely and heard Ellie come out and shine again!! Wow...was it a Bright Light ;).

Her voice is beautiful, haunting, silky, and just a pleasure to listen to. She has a folky kind of sense to her voice. It's not over processed like other voices in the industry. She seems down to earth and just like  a cafe artist. I like the semi electronic tendency of her music and she is just a light, airy musical experience. Her music sounds like soundtrack music, when the heroine is in a montage of brilliance, or a soft moment where the couple reunites at the airport. Ellie is just amazing. This might be a moment of TMI, but she is perfect bath music :). 

So if this review hasn't enticed you to buy the CD, at least go on the YouTube videos and check her out. She is brilliant and fits in really well with this semi cloudy sort of day that I have in my neighborhood. Her music seems like music you'd have on when sipping tea looking out a window at the rain :). Just calming and serene, but beautiful and super feminine. 

Hope you all check her out!...she also has a song with Skrillex!! And she does a mean Elton John cover!!

Wishing you a great day at Home ;)


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