Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Key of Marie presents Dessert!!

Hi Guys!!

So I've been off the blog for a bit, and here's the triumphant return!

To catch up, I'm going to share a recipe, a yummy picture and a link to an awesome song!!


Recipe First!

Dirt Cake!

1 - 20 oz. package of Oreo Cookies (600g)
1 - 8 oz. package cream cheese (250g)
1/4 cup butter or margarine (50mL)
1 cup icing sugar (250mL)
1 - 12 oz. container Cool-Whip (500mL)
2 - 3-1/2 oz. pkg instant vanilla pudding (2 small packs)
3 cups milk (750mL)
1 tsp vanilla (5mL)

1. Crush cookies in food processor. Set aside.

2. Mix cream cheese, butter or margarine and icing sugar. In a separate bowl, mix together pudding, milk and vanilla. Fold in Cool-Whip. Stir mixtures together. Using a clean flower pot, or plastic bucket, put a piece of plastic wrap on the bottom to clog any holes. You might also tape a penny in place to block the hole as well.

3. Place layer of cookie crumbs on the bottom. Following that alternate layers of pudding with layers of cookie crumbs, ending with cookie crumbs on the top. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to have everything set up properly :).

4. I also added gummy worms before every layer of pudding. I also saved a few until the end in order to stick them into the top of the dirt as if they were crawling out. 

5. If you include fake flowers in this dessert, remember to wrap the ends of the flowers in either aluminum foil or plastic wrap as to not contaminate your dessert with dust or other bugs. 

6. Enjoy!!

Listen to this while you make the dessert :)


Monday, January 20, 2014

ModCloth Valentine's Sale!! - sponsored

Get ready for Valentine's Day today! ModCloth just launched their Most Loved Sale. You can get 20% off their most loved dresses, accessories, tops and more! Here are a few of my favorite pieces,they also have some really cute plus size clothes too, so go shop your little heart out, you're worth it!

I especially love the Raspberry Iced Tea Dress :).

175th Post...Um What??

How have I written 175 different blog posts??

That's unreal for me! 

(I'm still in denial that I'm any kind of writer ;))

I love how therapeutic blogging is. I've said it before and I'll say it again, everyone should blog, in one way or another!!

Write in a journal, voice record yourself, talk to people. As long as you get your feelings, your stories, your life out there, you will feel better.

It's never healthy to keep it all bottled up inside. And do you know how freeing it is to be able to say whatever you want to say. 

When you have your own blog, you can do that!!

Freedom of speech at it's best. 

Not every blog post has to change the world, heck this one is just me rambling because it's what I feel like doing :). 

But I'm super happy and feel honoured that I have a place that is my own. It's like my little nook on the Interweb. 

Thanks for reading this if you have, and thanks for stopping by. 

I am always remodelling and changing things but then again who keeps their home or their heart the same year after year? 

Listening to?? - NONONO - Pumpin Blood

Have a great day guys. I truly mean that from my ever-changing heart!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Funday! Review :).

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

This is the bag that I made, along with a festive bow for gift-giving :).

So a while back I chose to include as an affiliate on my blog (which means that I'm able to show their ads for a touch of profit). With this inclusion on my blog, they offered one free class to me as long as it was under $49.95. I thought that was super cool and really nice! 

So I popped over to their website, which is super cute and easy to access. I searched their course list and saw one that said 'Design Your Own Handbag' yes!! This seemed like such a cool idea. Like who doesn't love handbags and who wouldn't wanna create their own unique one???

A couple other class options :).
So because Christmas was coming up, I figured that I wanted to make a handbag for someone. That someone turned out to be my bestie, Alyssa :). We had decided that we were gonna do homemade gifts and I'm not sure how much more homemade this could be. 

I was inspired when I was walking through Wal-Mart and I saw this duo of fabric that was yellow and grey, it just spoke to me. It was like 'hey, I'm cute and edgy and slightly alternative' which is Alyssa ;).

So I purchased the fabric, some thread and a zipper (which, alas, was too small). The class was really easy to follow and super in depth. I would suggest that you watch the entire class of a session before you try and complete a project. I made that mistake and was stressed because I kept having to switch through the lessons to follow the steps. 

A benefit to these classes?? They provide you with print outs of how you should cut your fabric to make the four 'base' bags that they offer. It's really helpful and makes the entire process that much simpler to follow.

All of the lessons are on video and you can pause, fast forward, or replay any section as many times as you want. Also, when you buy a class, it's yours for life online in your file! :).

Overall I think this class is awesome! It's very easy to follow, no really crazy items you needed to purchase and the instructor makes handbags for a living so she gives you little tips about hardware and stitching and such.

See the bag I made above :).

After this class, I'm super interested in seeing what else they offer and what other classes are like. If they are anything like this one they will be informative, interactive, and just overall great online courses!!

If you guys are interested, Craftsy has a bunch of free mini-classes to try out!! Check the link!! :)
Thanks for reading!


Friday, January 10, 2014

I Go Back - Pt. 1!

Now Playing - I Go Back - Kenny Chesney (haven't done one of these in a while, eh? ;))

Hi Guys!!

So a while back I did a post about songs that bring up memories of my friends (here it is :)). Now on that same stream of consciousness I wanted to do a post about when songs bring me back to moments in my life. 

This post started thinking about one special moment and others followed shortly after that :).

The defining moment?

I cannot for the life of me hear 'Ho Hey' by The Lumineers and not think of this magical day. It was a perfect day with amazing people, great dancing and a beautiful couple that show me every time I see them what true love is. I reminisce whenever I hear it and wish I could go back and redo it all over again :).

Another moment?

My first musical sacrifice for a boy.

I downloaded a Coldplay song. Yep I said it. Coldplay. Not a huge fan of their music but when I went on my second date with a boy I downloaded 'Yellow' because he really liked it. I also downloaded 'Photograph' by Nickelback so you can guess where that dating ended up. It's funny how whenever I hear that song I immediately change it now..well not funny, just instinct ;).

Moving forward!

When I found my favourite all-time band.

Cruising in Slave Lake. Going down the dirt road that is now paved. Stopping at the train tracks with my bestie by my side choosing to play her 'alternative' station on my Sirius radio and what do I hear? The smooth yet rough, sultry yet kick-ass, mature yet youthful voice of one Hayley Williams. At first I don't give it a real second thought but when the 'Misery Business' chorus hits and the power that is Paramore is unleashed, I get hooked. This powerful female presence is dominating and strong. I want to be this girl. Come later to find out she's younger than me, but heck you can admire those younger in age than you. I fell in love, and am still crushing hard on that orange haired rock star. She is one of my idols.

A musical memory with my Dad.

Now I don't have a ton of music based memories with my Dad but here's one. It was winter. We were driving uptown to get Chinese food in my Dad's Ford F-150 in red. My Dad had the Bif Naked album in his CD changer (my Dad literally rocks ;)). And the song 'I Love Myself Today' comes on. Right out of the bat a great rockin' song. Of course my Dad cranks it because, well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree on that one ;). The lyric 'look at you all puffed up in your bed red truck' flows from the speakers and I can't believe this moment because I. AM. IN. A. BIG. RED. TRUCK!!! Memory solidified in my mind and my Dad and I are badasses forever. Fin. :).

Thanks for reading. More to come in future :).


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