Sunday, March 31, 2013


So I was born as the second child in my family.

I have an older brother.

When I was five and going to Kindergarten, I can vividly remember 'pretending' that my Mom was actually my older sister. 

I wanted a sister SOOOOO bad...

I didn't want Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hand-me-downs, I didn't like going to school in boys sweats, and wrestling was a day to day occurrence for me.

Even in the elementary grades I noticed when my classmates had sisters because they had 'cool' clothes, they had lipgloss, and they knew how to do their hair. 

Now I love my mama with all of my heart and wouldn't trade her for anything and would give my life for hers in an instant, but my Mom isn't the most 'girly girl', 'rough tough farm girl' is more like it. 

So my whole childhood, I was missing that feminine influence into my life. 

As I grew up, I resolved that I needed to cherish my brother and enjoy the things we could enjoy together and we are closer now than we've ever been. 

It's funny though, because the whole time I thought I was without a sister and struggling because of it, I believe God (I'm not religious, but I have a personal faith) was giving me exactly what I needed:

He gave me the best 'sisters' a girl could ask for. 

He gave me my friends.

He gave me my smiles and my laughs and my sleepovers.

He gave me my soccer team and road trips.

He gave me cruising buddies, tattoo bonds and hangover ladies.

He gave me makeup advisors, photo takers, and meal makers.

I look around and my life is the farthest away from void of femininity that you can get. 

I'm super blessed to have every female friend that I've ever had because they are the life sister that I prayed for when I was younger. 

I'm a stronger, more stable, more well-rounded girl because of these 'sisters'.

They may not be blood, but they love me for me and I love them for them. 

I don't know who I would be without any one of them.

Love you girls, 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Did It!!

Holy smokers was I ever unmotivated today!

I got to Edmonton after a sort of stressful drive from Calgary and all I wanted was some food and bed.

After finishing my food, I was so excited that sleep would be next BUT!! I have recently (and by recently I mean two days ago) started the Squat challenge (look it up ;)) and I had to do 60 squats.

Now I almost talked myself out of it, but then I talked myself back into it because I knew I wasn't gonna give up on day 3 of a 30 day challenge!!

I love those moments right after you do something you thought you weren't gonna do because it's over, you did it and you are better for it!

Gah! Love that!

And of course, conversing with my bestie afterward and discussing both of our triumphs of the day and realizing that our bodies are ours to sculpt and mold really helped to cement a feeling of accomplishment in me :).

Love her for that ;).

I get to go to sleep knowing that I can check off something from my to-do list today and that feels awesome!

Night loves!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Only Thing That Stays the Same is That Everything Changes

Change is good right?

Without it, we’d be stuck...

Change is inevitable, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could know when changes would come and you’d have the ability to slow them down a little bit?

It’s funny, today I finished my first cycle of my Zombies Run app.

I was proud of myself for completing all 28 missions.

But on the other hand, I was kind of left with this empty feeling and these messages of doubt in my head ‘will you be as motivated to walk now that you don’t have new episodes to look forward?’

And you know what?

That thought kinda scared me. Not even the thought itself, but the surge of doubt in my mind and idea that I could fall back into old patterns of not being active and not walking or tracking my food. For some reason, this little change ignited a sense of doom in my head.

But the fact that I did my squat challenge right before bed, and the fact that I still tracked my supper tonight, shows me that these healthy changes that I’ve made are not going to be easily lost. 

One finished app isn’t going to overtake my life. Heck I’m going to buy my Zombies Run t-shirt tonight right after this blog because I promised myself a month and a half ago that when I finished the first set that I was allowed to buy the t-shirt.

Yes I’ll have my moments of doubt and question if I have the strength and conviction to stick with this change, but by taking it day by day, meal by meal, workout by workout, I’ll keep proving to myself that I can do it. 

No one is more proud of me than me. 

I’m my biggest fan, and that is a change that I can fully support.

Love you all, 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Routine Don't Fail Me Now

Routine, routine, routine...

After moving away from home, and having some doubts about if I made the right choice or not, the #1 thing that is getting me settled into my new surroundings the quickest is resorting back to my normal routine! 

Yes, the place I do these things has changed, but the products and the steps have not!

Take tonight for instance: tonight was the first night, of, oh I don’t know seven since I got here, that I’ve actually done my whole night routine!

Quick little overview of this routine:

Use my new Neutrogena makeup remover wipes.

Brush my teeth with my Colgate enamel helping toothpaste.

Wet my face and my Clarisonic Mia 2, then squirt on my vegetable cleanser (can’t remember the name) and then use my Clarisonic on my face.

Dry the face :).

Put on my night cream.

Use my Vanilla Bath and Body Works lotion for my hands (because now that I’m back in a warehouse, they get drier, faster!)

Apply my organic lip balm to my lips.

Take out my pony tail that’s pretty much been up all day and comb through my hair!


ROUTINE!!...and it feels sooo good. 

Everyday gets better and everyday I try something new at camp to make it feel like home (I did my first load of at camp laundry ;))

Welp, that’s this know what? This is actually pretty therapeutic! 

My amazing Mom suggested that I buy a journal and write in it, but I knew myself and I knew that I would be much more likely to type than to write, so thus a new outlet for me, and very updated blog posts for you!! Yay you!!

Wishing you all comfort in your own routines!!


The beautiful moonlight and the cabins I live in :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Life Update!!

So I moved...

and where I moved to doesn't have Wi-Fi...

which means that blogs/YouTube videos have fallen off...

which sucks...


I am gonna get into a routine of writing blogs, then uploading them as soon as I can (hopefully close to daily about my new living sitch)

And the YT videos will be made and then uploaded when I find wifi and then scheduled to upload later on in the week :)

Hopefully that fixes things sorta, kinda, a little bit...



Love y'all. 

Talk soon?

K, kisses ;)
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