Thursday, June 14, 2012

To Cruise or Not To Cruise?...What a Crazy Question!

Hi Guys!!

So this is going to be a short little blog post showcasing the best stress relief that I personally know of!!...and was shocked to discover that not everyone does this!! :O

So it may seem simple, and everyone probably does it in their own way..but my stress relief is?????

And I don't mean on a cruise ship...I mean getting in your vehicle, cranking the tunes, and just venturing out mindlessly.

Yes you may say.."but Marie what about outrageous gas prices"..or "Marie what about environmental hazards and such??"...well for me sanity and well-being far outweigh these things...well not the environmental thing..but sorry about that!!

Anyway! Back to the positivity of this blog post!

My Rosie :)

I can't explain what comes over me when I get into my 'Rosie' (my SUV's name) and put on my old iPod or my iPhone and hear a song that triggers a memory, triggers my inner rockstar, or my inner soul star...we all have have to find your own! ;)

All I know is that if I'm mad, or sad, or happy, or elated, or all of the can usually find me driving up and down Main Street blaring my tunes and just lovin' it! Yeah I may look crazy because I'm singing my head off..but you know what? Those other drivers only see me for like 2 seconds and then I'm gone! And you know what??? I betcha they wish they could be as carefree and high on life as I look and feel in that moment!!

So...even if this isn't for you..and you haven't ever done it..I promise, if you get into your car, blare feel good a power song about loving yourself (see above)'ll suddenly feel your inner rockstar come out and the world will be your audience that loves, adores, and aims to make you blissfully happy :)

Because of course..isn't that what life's about? Finding your happy and lengthening it for as long as possible??

Wishing you the best of drives ;)



  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog, and couldn't help but comment... Don't you think that is a little wasteful? I mean seriously, you go driving to celebrate whichever mood you are in!? You say that the environmental impact outweighs the benefits that you get from mindlessly cruising around, but that is obviously not true if you are continuing to "cruise" around whenever the mood strikes you. It only takes one person to make a difference. If everyone "cruised" to relieve stress, using up non-renewable resources in the process, what will be left for future generations? To me, this seems to be a waste of resources, and honestly there are much better ways out there to relieve stress. Have you heard of car pooling? There are people out there consciously making an effort to reduce emissions by doing this, and for what? For people to relieve stress by driving their vehicles around for no good reason; this seems a bit ridiculous to me.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It's funny that you brought this up because recently Ive started thinking that whenever I get the urge to 'cruise' that I should go for a walk instead, especially during these summer months.


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