Thursday, November 8, 2012

In Honor of CFR y'all!!

Hi Y'all (yup it's gonna be a country music post, so if that ain't your thang, then mosey on ;))

SO! A couple of friends and I are going to CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo) in Edmonton tomorrow and in honor of that, I figured I would put together some of my favorite cowboy inspired songs...and the picture helps too ;).

To start off, the title is just the perfect song for this theme. I want a cowboy after listening to this song. 'I want the Wranglers, stetson and all that stuff' sings Reba..and um...YES PLEASE!! 

Is it just me or is there this glowing, alluring light behind cowboys? Don't we all want to be ridden off into the sunset? Heck, my Mom is a 'rough tough farm girl' as my Dad calls her and I'm sure she'd be tickled pink if I came home on the arm of a farmer tanned boy!...I would be too...;)

Anywho! Enough about are some more great songs!!

Rodeo - Garth Brooks - for Trish ;) - Couldn't find the video.

Can't wait to cowgirl up ;)


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