Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mama & Me!!

Now Playing - My specially made playlist that I will list down below :)

Hi Guys!!

Ok, just some formalities to begin! I feel like I have been neglecting this time to start giving it some love..which means? A blog post a day for like a week! Yay!!

So to start off..this is going to be a life experience blog...let's just say.

So back in June..well earlier than that cuz I had to book the Mom and I got professional photos done..and this is going to be the focus of this blog! 

Since the beginning of all of these gorgeous photo shoots popping up on Facebook and Twitter, I've wanted to do one with my Mom. Now it may seem strange that I didn't immediately want a family photo shoot but for some reason I just wanted to showcase me and my mom's bond...and my mom hates getting her photo taken..doesn't think she's pretty...which she is..prettiest woman alive inside and out! I really wanted to surprise my mom and showcase her to the world. I wanted everyone to see how beautiful she was to me and what a great, uplifting person she is :). She's always been there for me and is my biggest fan and my best shoulder to cry on. So when the opportunity arose, and a friend of mine named Chelsea (Her Facebook page!) started her own photography business, I jumped at the chance to get our photos done! I saw some of Chelsea's work and knew her personality (bubbly, super funny and cute, and all around big-hearted) so I knew that our photo shoot would be super fun and we would get great photos! Which is what happened!!

So the day of the photos comes and brilliant me decides that we are getting them done at 6:00 am at the golf course!! What was I thinking? I'm soooo not a morning person! Just picture me, 5:30 in the morning, groggy as sin, trying to do some kind of makeup and what colour do I choose?? This super pigmented, light blue!...ALL. OVER. MY. EYELID! Thank goodness even groggy me has sense and I rubbed that off and chose light pink and peachy colours! So me and my Mom race to the golf course, because if you know know I'm always late. We get there, we meet up with Chelsea who's scarily chipper for it being 6 am on a Saturday! But thank goodness she was! Her energy was infectious and made us both come alive! After that the shoot went by soo fast and was soo comfortable and just natural that everything flowed. We laughed, giggled, chatted, reminisced and just had a great morning..great weather too! I honestly didn't want it to end! I kept looking for other places where she could take our photo and turn it into magic. But alas, it had to end, and after we left, me and my mama went and got tea, because that's how we roll. It was one of the best days of my life and I'm so glad I have these photos as memories of that day. I think it cements our relationship and down the road I can show my daughter the photos and hopefully all three of us can have a photo shoot...with Chelsea? ;). 

Now that you've read my account of what happened, comes the visual/oral part of this blog post. Knowing me, of course I made a playlist for this event! And as I listen to it right now, tears fill my eyes because my mama is in every one of these songs, and the messages are heart melting. So hope you guys enjoy the playlist and the pics...and if you do(which you should!)...give Chelsea a ring...she kicks ass behind the camera! And she's a great, proud mama too ;).

PhotoShoot Playlist

Spice Girls - Mama (How could I not include this?)
Taylor Swift - The Best Day (It really was...)
Jeannie C. Riley - Harper Valley P.T.A. (A favorite of my mama and now is one of my favs!)
Tanya Tucker - Two Sparrows In A Hurricane (One of my mama's favorite singers; I took her to her concert and we sang our favorites out loud together)
Terri Clark - Poor, Poor Pitiful Me (Another artist my mama loves and so do I, we also went to this concert together!!)
Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors (A song that my mama loves and reminds me of when I was really young and my mama would make me mittens and toques, which I loved)
Terri Clark - Now That I've Found You (One of my mama's favorite songs by this artist)
Wilson Philips - Hold On (This song was on a playlist my Dad made my mama (see where I get it from?) and I fell in love with it!)
Faith Hill - You Can't Lose Me (The defining song for me and my mama's relationship)


This is me and my mama's thing :) even today!
My beautiful mama!
Isn't her smile infectious!
Love talking to my mama and getting advice from her!
Love this one!

Thanks for taking the time to read about this special day!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Noteworthy - July 11, 2012


If it's not like the movies,
That's how it should be, yeah.
When he's the one,
He'll come undone,
And my world will stop spinning,
And that's just the beginning, oh, yeah.

'Cause I know you're out there,
And you're, you're looking for me, oh.
It's a crazy idea that you were made perfectly for me
You'll see.

*This song has played 4-5 times randomly on my iPhone throughout this week. I feel like when songs happen that frequently they mean something. This song 'speaks' to me and I love being able to share it. So beautiful.*

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