Monday, May 28, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

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Original one ;)
Hi guys and gals :)

Um yes please?
How are you doing today?...and don't just answer the socially expected response of 'good, how are you?', I want to know how you are actually doing!! I myself like to razzle up this question by saying 'fabulous' or 'super' or 'icky' as was the response today ;).

Mmmm chocolate 
Ever have one of those days where, if you got up, went to work, didn't lose a limb, and made it home with all of your senses still in tact, it was a good day? Nothing amazingly productive got done, but yet you didn't get fired either? Well...that was my day today. 

Love this one!
I tried to be a good daughter/sister and go golfing with my family yesterday, and what do I get for it? Heat stroke and a wicked sun burn!! Never again!! (jk ;)). So yeah, from about 5 pm yesterday to 4 pm today, I was 'useless' (which reminds me of More Than Useless by Relient K, which reminds me of one of my best friends Alyssa, which makes me happy lol). After feeling useless, my mantra today was just to carry on, pull through, tough it out, buck up, man up, put my back into..etc. This feeling inspired me to look through my iTunes library and find songs that would 'inspire' me. And Fun. is doing an amazing job!! Also did an amazing job...Will Smith - Miami...just sayin'. 

Aww Simba 
So what did my daily reflection on my day teach me? (Something I unconsciously do because of my teaching practicums.). It showed me that I can be weak and you know what??...that's OK!! People are allowed to be weak and need a two hour lunch because their bodies just aren't up to it. And why should we push, push, push when in the long run, we aren't gonna make that much headway anyway? I know in this day-to-day life, jobs are competitive, perseverance is rewarded and the strong survive, but you know what? How can I be strong tomorrow if myself today is struggling and I just continue to make it struggle? I encourage all y'all out there who feel like today is too much, life is too much, work is too much, your relationships are too much, to just step back and let your inner child have a nap, skip down the path, or buy a SLURPEE!! Take breaks people! Don't always be the hero, because how can you be the hero tomorrow when you didn't get enough rest today? 

Love this song :)
You are allowed to rest.

You are allowed to say NO.

You are allowed to nap!!

Be you...whoever that you, because you know what? 

You are the only you the world's got ;).

Wishing you the best 'mental nap' ever!


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