Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pout It Out!!

Now Playing - Red Lipstick - Rihanna

Hey Guys!! Oh dear...two blog posts two days in a row...who am I???

Ok! So this blog post is all about my trial of 9 lip products that are all based around the colour RED!!

And you may ask why I'm doing's because I wanna do a pin-up look on my YouTube channel and I wanted to nail the red lip!

So here are my swatches and lip looks :) Enjoy! And if you could vote in the comments that would be great!!

Diva Red by Rimmel London
Candy Apple by Revlon

Hot Passion by CoverGirl
Smoulder by No. 7
Red Revival by Maybelline
Refreshing Red by Maybelline
Romantic by Revlon
Shout by Annabelle

Passion by Covergirl
In the Passion photo, the top lip is just the lip liner. The bottom lip is the lip liner with Annabelle's Shout over top. 

I used Nivea Soothing Care lip balm between each lip product trial to protect and moisturize your lips. I had a lot of fun with this trial and I think I have a better idea of which lip I'm going to use. 

Vote for your favorite red!!

Hope you have a 'red'iculously awesome Saturday :)


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