Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Put You in a Song :)

Good evening music lovahs!! (Reitman's throwback!!)

So this post is going to be a celebratory, gushy, Marie shows her friends some love post!! Woot!!

So I was listening to the song above this afternoon and was thinking that I love when songs remind me of memories, of moments, and most importantly...of PEOPLE!! I love when a certain song comes randomly on the radio or on my iPod and instantly I think of one of my friends because I feel the joy that I know when I'm with that person and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :). So here are a few hits on the compilation CD that is my friendzone ;).

  (Ok so you were pre-warned above that this was gonna be gushy)
-Ok what can I honestly write about this girl, she is my best friend and always will be. We became friends in grade 8, just starting our teen years so I know if that can't break us, nothing will!! Opposites attract on this one, she's artsy and musical, I'm sporty and logical. We balance each other and support each other. There is an understanding between us that can never be broken. We don't need to see each other to know that we are best friends. When we meet up, or text, or anything, everything is just as if we've never left each other. It's awesome to have someone like that to fall back on. It gives a person a sense of bearing and she's my biggest supporter, encouraging me to go for my goals and being proud of me. I love her for that. I can't imagine my life without her, I don't know who I'd be or if I'd have the same level of strength that I do now. She's just a great person and I feel so lucky to have her, and luckily all of these songs remind me of her!! So she's around a lot ;) 

-Like minded, teacher, country lover, and a big supporter. Couldn't imagine my life without this girl either. Whether it's teaching me to dance, encouraging me to pursue things or getting me a job so I could move to the city, there is always fun with this girl. Memories of cupcakes, throwing shoes and two-stepping in a field come flooding back when I hear these songs. I love that she's always with me too and her strength, determination and strong mind are inspirational to me. 

-Ok I know she only got one song but that's because I don't get nearly enough time with this girl because of her crazy work schedule!! But the time we do get together I cherish and feel cool when we roll down the streets with this on blast. Two white chicks blaring Kanye West has to look cool right?!!?!

Man Down by Rihanna reminds me of....

-I honestly remember making a special trip to Walmart so that she could buy this CD because she was so obsessed with this song. And that's the way this girl is; so passionate and focused. I love her drive and her composure and her ease of life. I think her maturity is amazing and I'm in awe of her all of the time. Love her :)


-Oh the days when this song was her text tone and it would go off in my car and cut off my music for 15 seconds each time...grrr.. jk. I love this girl and her supportive nature. I also love when she hangs out with me when the rest of our group is two stepping so that I don't have to be alone. She is who she is and she isn't gonna change that for anyone. I love that about her. I also love that I get to call her family :)

Well that's the top 5 of this countdown...just wanted to take a few minutes out of my day and show my girls some love. And let them know that I think of them often ;)

Thanks for reading and rock on!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Wanna Do It All!!

Hi there dreamers!!

Hey guys, so I'm sitting here just randomly listening to music and playing a Facebook game when this song pops on. I've heard it before and loved it, but something just clicked tonight and I just felt compelled to make this blog post. See lots of changes have been happening in my life, for better or worse depending on how you look at it...


It really got me thinking as to what my goals and aspirations were. It's funny because I can remember a few years ago when I was hanging out with my friend Crystal and I noticed on her wall that she had a list of things she wanted to get done in her life. I thought it was such an abstract concept, but something that I really wanted to do, seems like my dreams should be on paper so I have a tangible record of them and when I do them, I can cross them off and feel satisfied. I love Crystal, she does SOOO many things and is just so passionate about life!! Always happy, healthy and her enthusiasm for life just spreads and she's so amazing to be around :) 

So..I decided to record five things that I wanna do in my lifetime...they can be anything!!

1. Go to Las Vegas with some girlfriends - I've gone there with family and yeah it was fun, but I would love to go with my girls and show them the town ;).

2. Record music in a studio - I LOVE to sing, but alas, I also have a shy bug. I would love to be in a studio for even an hour and record something. I think it would be fun :).

3. Go back to Germany - I went in Grade 12 but we were there for less than 24 hours!! It may sound silly but it just felt like home! I wanna walk around and feel that way for a while. 

4. Travel across Canada based around mini golf courses - I love travel and I love why not!!! :)

5. Decorate an apartment - it's always been my goal to have my own place and fill it with cute stuffs and make it uniquely my own. Also let my current stuff spread out and not be so crowded :)

So! There are five things, there are a lot more, but five is a good number for now!

What would you add to your rhinestoned bucket list? If you could do it all, what would you do first? 

Dream big dreams,


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Songs I've 'Fall'en For ;)

Now Playing - Playa Boi - Cher Lloyd

Hey y'all!!

What's going on?? Who had snow this morning...err...did I just say that 's' word?!? Well either way, new season = what?...NEW MUSIC..and THAT makes this girl one happy clam!! :)

So just a quick blog post about the recent loves that have been eating up my iPhone :)

1. Song that is currently playing - ever since I heard this song and Cher's voice on the chorus, I was hooked and heck it's message reasonates as to what I'm looking for ;)

2. Swagger Jagger - Cher Lloyd - if anyone can enlighten me to as what song she is kinda covering at the beginning, I would appreciate it! It's soooo familiar!! Gah!! Anywho! After that awesome hook, this is a fun electronic hit, that is just fun to rock out to!!

3. Behind the Music - Cher Lloyd...if you couldn't tell, I just bought her new album "Sticks & Stones". Just a very heartfelt, slower song, but still has her biting voice and funky lyrics. Love her voice :).

4. Looking Hot - No Doubt - Starts off kinda slow, but this song is very No Doubt. Love Gwen's voice on this. The rest of the album seems pretty textbook and, honestly, not a whole lot of variation. Loved that they included remixes to mix it up, but I wasn't blown away. I wanted a 'Hella Good' song but alas, 'I'm Just a Girl' waiting ;). 

5. Guitar String/Wedding Ring - Carly Rae Jepsen - having just gone through a breakup, you'd think I'd want nothing to do with romantic, 'wedding' songs, but you know what? Carly's voice is just so fresh and fun on this song that it doesn't feel super sappy...and a girl has to have hope...right?? Very cute song :)

So those are the songs that I've recently discovered and felt compelled to include. But believe me...there will be others!!

Wishing you all the best and hoping that the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend gives you tons to be thankful for :)


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Noteworthy - October 2, 2012


Now Playing - Take Me As I Am  - Faith Hill

I don't need a bed of roses
'Cause roses wither away
All I really need is honesty
From someone with a strong heart
A gentle hand
Who'll take me as I am

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