Sunday, September 25, 2016

Catching Up!!

So I just realized that I have been in my new place for more than a month and I still haven't blogged about it?!?


The craziness of unpacking, school, students, and life has just taken over. 

I have some decor up, some leaning against walls because I am unsure of how I want to mount it.

I have candles in every room, which I love. 

I have a patio door that I can open and let the breeze blow through which is lovely on these fall days.

I have a great bed which I love to spend time in. 


My own coffee in the morning is great because the only drive thru here is A&W and it's not the best. 

I have photos around but I'd love more.

I've had a few visitors and welcome more. 

Even after the first day this place felt like mine. It was my little space in the world that I could retreat to and decorate by myself.

I dislike being away from here. I yearn to be back. It's comforting and me. 

I love it!!

Can't wait to talk more about it!!

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