Sunday, June 3, 2012

Keeps Gettin' Better - Artist Focus


Hope you all are having an amazing day!! So! Imagination time!! 

Scenario: Alone at home. 23 year old girl. Sound system downstairs. Remote, that, at times, can be used as bedazzling required. Urge to dance insistent. Alphabetized assortment of cds (no I'm not kidding, over 500 of our cds are alphabetized by ARTIST!!). So...what do ya pick????


If you're me...which of course you aren't, but for the sake of this blog post..let's say you are!

You pick?!?!?!?!

Just Gorgeous

Christina Aguilera!!



(tmi? ;))

Hmm...well now that we've possibly overshared...let's get to the 'meat and potatoes' of this blog post!

This is going to be my first, and hopefully not last! edition of Artist Focus!! Which is going to be me ranting, raving, expelling my love for artists that catch me. 

So I love Christina. Always have. Always will! Ever since Genie in a Bottle..which funny enough is the first song that came on Jango when I started my Christina channel...I have loved this girl!

Now you probably know that I love me some 'power' songs. This girl...that's pretty much all she makes. Whether it's a girl power song, or a love power song, or a human in general power song, she doesn't do mediocre or timid...let's just say. 

One of my all time favorite songs ever..which also inspired me to start a MOTIVATION Fighter...guys honestly, I'm speechless, which doesn't usually happen, my family can attest to that..but this song is amazing! It's the oral kick me in the ass, motivate the heck out of me song that I need every day! It's that song that I wish could be on my life soundtrack when I'm standing up to unruly coworkers or pondering whether or not to workout (my own personal struggle)'s just amazing. And honestly was the entire reason I wanted to write this blog post expressing my love for Christina...without her my life would be void of this song..and that, my friends, would be tragic!

Another song that I LOVE from her? Well...all of them...but Can't Hold Me Down..her collab with Lil' fan-flippin-tastic! The message, the intensity, the overall girl strength that is emitted from this song is mind-blowing. It has an electric charge that is just amazing. The message is very relevant these days, and makes me want to start my own woman c'mon how amazing would that be? 

So..before this blog gets into crazy, just spouting from anywhere town...I'm gonna close it out by saying...thank goodness for Christina Aguilera and her amazing sound! Every album is different, every album has awesome songs and every time she opens her mouth to sing this girl produces is magic.

OH. EM. GEE...BURLESQUE!! IF YOU ARE FEMALE AND HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE...I RECOMMEND IT! GAH! I almost forgot about it! Amazing movie! I have no words...just do it, download it, watch it, laugh, cry, love...that's all I ask ;).

Other Christina Greats???

Wishing you an Xceptional (like Xtina ;)) day!!


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