Tuesday, May 17, 2022

10 Products I Love as a New Mom!

 Hi there!

So I'm here today to give you 10 products that I have been loving as a new Mom!!

These products go in no particular order, they are just what we love!!

1. Hatch Sound Machine - we have used this thing every night since little man has been home! We use the red light and the wind setting. It's a nice calming sound and it signals to him that it's time to sleep. We travel with it, it can be connected to my phone so if someone else is putting him to bed, I can help by turning this on! Now that he's in his own room, I miss this because our room is too quiet now lol.

2. Dr. Brown's Options+ bottles - I love these! They are great quality and all you have to do when sizing up is chance the nipples, not the whole bottle. They come with a filter to help with colic and digestion issues, but to be honest we never used those. Our little man loved these from the get go. Very awesome bottles!

3. Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer - we got this as a gift and it has been a game changer! Middle of the night feedings got way easier once I could plop a bottle in this, hit the start button, go to the bathroom and when I was done, so was the bottle! No running water over the bottle or microwaving water in a cup (even though those both work!). Super convenient, set it and forget it!

4. Owlet Camera - now, not gonna lie, this one was a splurge because I wanted the sock (and haven't even used it), so we figured we'd get the 2 for 1 deal. I like the camera because it's on my phone and I can check in on little man when I'm out running errands. The app can be a little sketch, but I enjoy it all the same. It does allow you to talk through the camera, which is nice, and it gives good quality video, as well as it let's you zoom in on the picture.

5. Boppy Pillow - we have two of these and they have a plethora of uses! I used it in the hospital to try and nurse, my boyfriend slept on it, we use it to boost little man up to FaceTime, he uses it for tummy time. All around great product for any Mama!

6. Pampers Swaddlers - these are the diapers we started with and they were fan favorites. We tried Huggies but I found they were too narrow and long for my little guy. I like that these are soft and wider to hold his ever growing tush.

7. Graco Jogger Travel System - we wanted to make sure our stroller had actual rubber wheels as we live in a climate where snow on sidewalks was a real thing. This stroller/car seat combo has been lovely. The tri wheel set up allows for easy steering but also goes over bumps and snow really well. The car seat is great for travel and comfy for little man!

8. Hafmall Diaper Bag - loved the colour and the functionality of this bag. I read online to get one with backpack straps and boy, they were not wrong for suggesting that! Super easy to carry hands free, has an insulated pouch for bottles, lots of room for outfits, diapers, wipes, etc. Super bright and stands out. 
9. Love to Dream Swaddlers - little man loved these, both the arm in and arm out versions! Loved that they gave you the option of unzip the arm holes because he did not stay arm contained super long! Super close to the body which helped his startle reflex. He loved these!

10. MAM pacifiers - little man just upgraded to the 6 month size of these! He loves the feel of them and basically won't take anything else. We got very lucky and he loved these from the get go! Got them at random from Walmart! You can sterilize these in the container they come in as well!

There are definitely more products that we love, and use daily! If you'd like another list, please let me know!

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