Friday, November 29, 2013

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lorac Pro To Go Palette Swatches!!

Hi there folks!!

So I made a Haul video yesterday on my YouTube channel and in it I showcased the new Lorac Pro To Go Palette. When I filmed the video I had less than stellar lighting so my swatches wouldn't have shown up properly.

So here's where this blog post comes in!!


Bulkier than I thought it would be.

Some Matte and Shimmer Shades

The cheeky side

Better focus on the names

L to R: Bronzer, Pink and then Coral
Overall I'm happy with the pigmentation of these shadows and cheek products. I'm excited to try looks with this palette and seeing how 'to go' friendly it actually is!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Help for the Holidays :) - sponsored

Hi Guys!!

So the awesome folks at ModCloth are giving you free shipping internationally(!), which of course means to Canada and other countries!! This offer is on shipments of $150+ so make sure your order is worth it. Stock up on awesome holiday gifts!! Christmas is only a month away. Plenty of time to get your awesome vintage gifts :).
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why I Started Blogging.

Evening blog readers :).

The world is your keyboard :)

So this topic was not one that I ever really considered talking about, but I was talking to a friend today and they were talking about starting their own blog and I started thinking about why I started mine. 

Now I have had this blog for a little over two years now. And the first two years were....slack. Like 7 posts in one year slack..

I always told myself I wasn't a writer; that I could express myself by talking a lot easier so I resigned myself to making YouTube videos and figured that that was my 'niche'. 

I didn't have faith or confidence in myself as a writer. 

I didn't think that anyone would want to read anything that I would write.

I thought that every blog post that I put out would have to be MAGIC incarnate. 

But it doesn't. You know what it has to be?

Purely me. 

That's it. 

Now I originally started this blog to talk about music, review new CD's and show the world the music I liked to listen to and open discussions based only around that. 

I remember writing my first 'lifestyle' post about a nail polish design that I had done and had scrambled to find a song to fit the post (PS. I'm still guilty of this, I think I have to include a new song for every post because it's a 'music blog')

But as the years went by and I made changes in my life, I found that this blog is a creative outlet for ever facet of my life. It helped me through super lonely times when I moved to southern Alberta all by myself. It was very therapeutic to have something I could turn to in order to express my feelings. It was my online diary or journal. 

It was way easier for me to type than to actually write because my typing hands are WAY faster than my writing hands and my mind moves so fast that there was no way I could keep up if I just wrote what I thought. 

Now this blog has evolved into a lifestyle and a Marie blog. It's not just about music, even though I still love the stuff, I am finding way more I love as well.

DIY projects will make an appearance, raves about my awesome friends will also show up (heck if there was a job to be people's personal cheerleaders I would love it!). 

I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog and who leaves great comments. It's crazy to know how many people actually read this lil ol' thing. I never thought I would have that much reach into people.

So the reason I started this blog was to focus on one passion and show people how passionate I was about it. But now this blog has evolved into being my passion. Every post is all me. I only pick things to talk about that I enjoy and I format everything that fits me. 

I looked at my blog the other day and saw 'home'. It felt comfortable, I felt well represented and it was something I was proud of. I'm like 'look at that, you did that'. 

It's funny because every so often people refer to me as 'the writer' or 'the artistic one' and I stop for a second and can't imagine who they are talking about. It still hasn't 100% registered with me that I write things, and people read them! 

So again I say thank you for reading the blog and letting me into your heart and mind for a few minutes of your day. 


P.S. - I think everyone should blog ;). 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scarf Storage DIY!!!

Hi Guys!!

So I really like a good scarf. I think they can pull an outfit together really well by adding a pop of color or just enhancing an outfit. 

One of my issues though? How to store the scarves that I have. I want to display them because they are so darn pretty. 

So I searched Pinterest and saw some ideas of hanging scarves on circular hooks on a rod. Well I didn't have a rod or circular hooks, but I did have these ornate bracelets that my friend Alyssa got me from India when she went. 

That is how I discovered this great idea!

This is the bracelet I used.

The setup before I started creating

Setup from a wider view

Setting up the bracelets for placement on the hooks

Draping the scarves in half on the bracelets

Wider view of my scarf corner. Love the view
I love seeing these scarves when I go into my room now. The colors are just beautiful and it will remind me to wear them whenever I can. Definitely not the last organizational project in my room. More to come!!

I bought the scarves at (L to R): Distractions in Slave Lake, and the other three are from Stella and Dot. I got mine from my friend Chelsea:

Stella and Dot makes amazing scarves! They are super soft, colorful, comfortable, and just versatile. I can't wait to get more...not sure where I'd store them though ;).

Stella and Dot also makes candles!!

This one smells amazing! And the packaging is so cute!!

The jewelery that I have to find a new home for :) Go Oilers ;)
Thanks for reading!

I look forward to more of these kinds of posts :).


New Affiliate Brands!!

Good evening blog friends :)

So today I joined up with 3 awesome affiliate programs!!

1. - A new site to me that offers daily emails about awesome sales going on with like fashion, decor, and accessories!! :)

They a deal going on with these really cute leggings!!
2. - Now I've been a loyal Julep Maven for about a year and a half now(?) and their service is really cool!! Every month they email you the box style that you fit with at least 2 nail polishes in it and usually a bonus item. It's roughly $20 in Canada with a little bit extra in shipping. But if you look at the link at the top right of the blog you can get your first box for FREE to try!! FREE PEOPLE, FREE!!

3. - I've also had personal experience with this website as it's an awesome place to get customized mugs, posters, shirts, bags, you name it, they'll make it!! They have a lot of themed stuff and you can even make your own logo on stuff!! Really fun!

Hopefully you guys like the ads that are on the blog from these three sites. I think they are all great and chose them specifically because I'd like to do business with them.

G.U.Y. - Lady Gaga


P.S. - I'm going to have one more blog post tonight :). It's a organizational project I attempted :).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

35 in 35 - Challenges are Fun!!

So I know this is like my 3rd blog post today...BUT...

it's my blog and I do what I want ;)

So I was driving home this afternoon and I started thinking about my health and weight and such. I always kind of like little goals when it comes to this, and I like milestone dates as well. I was curious how many days were left until Christmas and I could plan my challenge around that. 

Well lo and behold there are exactly 35 days until Christmas!!

35!! My OCD self was super happy because that's a great number. It's EXACTLY 5 WEEKS!!

So I'm starting an informal challenge for myself that I'll workout at least 35 minutes everyday for the next 35 days and then reassess then ;).

I'm also going to weigh myself and plan to lose about 1-2 lbs a week so 5-10 lbs by Christmas which is a great starting goal and will help me with the whole New Years Resolution thing!!


If you'd like to join me that'd be great!! I'm thinking I'm going to try and blog a post about the challenge every Wednesday as a check in :). It will be late for next Wednesday because I have my first subbing job, but I'll find the workout AND enrich the minds of tomorrow!! :).

Thanks for letting me tell you about my challenge and I'd love to hear if you are thinking about doing something similar! 

Stars Align - Lindsey Stirling (love her, watch for an upcoming blog post ;))



Hey Guys!! 

Just a quick little blog post to tell you about the new FB Page that I've created to promote my blog to promote FB to promote...erm...what?

Anywho I've created a FB page to better interact with people and maybe stop bothering my FB friends with all of my blog/video posts :)

So if you'd like to 'like' my page that would be super awesome fantastic!!

Here's the link: Key of Marie Blog

Hope to see you there!!

Dear No One - Tori Kelly (loving this one!!)


Drop It Like It's Mod! - sponsored

Hey Gals!!

ModCloth is getting their holiday sale season kicked off the right way, by giving all new customers a sweet discount! When you spend $75 on your first ever purchase with ModCloth, you get $10 off! You can use the savings for buy something for yourself, your home or a gift for someone special, there are so many options! Check it out today using this link: NEW ModCloth customers, save $10 when you spend $75

This sounds like such a super idea! It's the holidays. These guys have great gift ideas and it's super fun to just even browse their site!!

I LOVE giving gifts from this site because they are so unique and super fun :).

Great song that I listened to last night with a vintage feel?

Love Burlesque! And the classic feel of this song!!

Hope you find something that can be your 'best friend' 


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Feature Friend: Meghan McGuigan!!

Back in 2012 :)
Happy Thursday!!

Ok, so to start off with I'm going to buckle to trends and do a semi throwback Thursday that I promises links to the overall feel of this blog post :).

So back in 2012 I was asked by my friend Meghan if I would sit for her so that she could do my makeup...I of course said YES!! Who wouldn't??? 

So this is the result of that awesome sitting. I had so much fun and I can see that this was one of the starting points of my love for makeup and for my obsession with anything Snow White ;)

After Meghan's magic 

Such a beautiful person inside and out :)
So following this, I fell in love with all of anything that Meghan created. Loved watching her amazingly helpful, fun and just enjoying to watch YouTube videos (she super inspired me to start my own channel..and heck my own blog!)

Her blog is where it's at! The posts are vibrant and helpful. Great quality guides to makeup and more importantly life. Meghan has such wisdom and insight that just makes sense. Her uplifting posts make her relatable and approachable (because I'm shy I love seeing into people's personal worlds and relating to them so that I'm more able to connect with them). 

I love that she is so open and honest with her life. Definitely get inspiration from her and what she's accomplished. I love being proud of my friends and I can honestly say I'm super proud of this girl. I'm proud to call her my friend as well!!

Meghan's AWESOME blog: (go say hi! :))

Her YouTube username is MakeupandMeg :) awesome videos!

Just a video I filmed about my first makeup experience with Meghan

OH! P.S. - I've been super lucky to have Meghan do my makeup on two photoshoots that I've done! She's always awesome with the makeup and makes me feel amazing. Love it!!

Oh! One more PS, I'm seriously digging the 8tracks app that Meghan turned me on to. Music and makeup, she's an all-star! :)

Love ya Meghan! I love that you are in my life!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11/12/13/....Savings???? - sponsored

Fashion - Lady her new album 'ARTPOP'!! (review soon!)

Sequential dates, like today...11/12/13, are limited, just like the ModCloth 14% off sale going on for the next 24 hours! There is actually one more sequential day this century, and that is 12/13/14 (next year!) But that is all besides the point. Head over to ModClothand take a look at some of their unique items that are in this super fun and super rare sale: ModCloth's 11/12/13 14% OFF SALE! 24 HOURS ONLY
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Album Review: Avril Lavigne's 'Avril Lavigne'

Yay new music time!! :) Always makes me happy to have a new album to discover.
As it happened I actually downloaded this whole album while I was in New York this past week and only got to listen to it as we were flying back from Toronto.
Loved jamming out to this with the beautiful sun as a view
So I did what I always love to do with new albums. Listen to them all the way through, no skipping songs, just going pure through the album. I believe that the artist made it that way for a reason.
Kind of want to try the makeup ;)
So the first song was the first released, 'Rock N Roll', and it's a very fun, poppy song for Avril. Has the occasional swear word which makes it 'grown up pop'. While I really do like this song, it kind of confuses me when it comes from Avril. She seems like she's doing the pop thing when she used to do grunge-worthy songs. It's an interesting transition to me. I don't think it's her selling out, probably just reinventing herself :).
The next few songs are like this. Typical pop songs about growing up, great summers and being '17'.
This kind of changes with song #5, 'Let Me Go', which is a duet with her new husband, Chad Kroeger. I fell in love with the strings on the intro of this song and actually didn't even realize it was Avril until I heard Chad sing his part when I first heard it on the radio! I like this song, it's grown up for the album.
The next two songs are bondage-y(?). I think having a duet with Marilyn Manson is an interesting addition to this album. Especially with his semi creepy intro telling us to lay our head in daddy's lap because we are a bad girl. I like the rock factor on this song. Especially when it's cranked on the stereo and you are cruising through the city like I did this weekend.
The next song reminds me of my friend Heather because she loves Hello Kitty and that's exactly the title of the song. It has a semi Gwen Stefani 'Harajuku Girl' vibe to me. Very interesting sound for Avril and what she's given us before.
The last 5 songs are the ballad-y songs that most artists usually end their albums with. It's a semi music pet peeve of mine when they do this. But that's the way it is.
On the chorus to #9 'You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet', Avril's vocals semi remind me of another famous Canadian grunger Fefe Dobson. I get a 'Bye Bye Boyfriend' vibe off of it. It's kinda cool!
I really liked the versatility of this album and am glad it wasn't as dark and depressing as Avril's last outing 'Goodbye Lullaby'.
It's nice to see that Avril is in a happier, more loving, more light place.
Thanks for reading,

Monday, November 4, 2013

48 Hour Sale!! - sponsored

20% Off Party Dresses at ModCloth for only 48 hours!
That's right! For 48 hours only, ModCloth is putting their Party Dress selection on sale. Can you say "Perfect timing for all my holiday parties!"? Because I did! Head over to ModCloth and check out their incredible selection of cute dresses here: 20% Off ModCloth Party Dresses Until 11/6! And don't forget ModCloth always has FREE US shippingon orders $50+. 

Have fun guys!! 


Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...???

Hey Guys! 

So a few days ago I signed up to become an affiliate with ModCloth! This means that I get to use their ads on my blog and I get a bit of kick back as well. No pressure to buy but I love the retro feel of their website and their products! Very cool!!

So everyone is planning their holiday parties for the next few months and it's always nice to have a little gift to bring as a thank you or simply just for fun to let people know you appreciate their kindness. I think ModCloth has some wonderful gifts that are absolutely perfect for these occasions! Take a look at some of my favorites below or check them out here: ModCloth's Perfect Gifts.

*sponsored post*
Our Favorite Goodies At ModCloth
Macaron Maker Apron from ModClothMix Munch Flatware Set in Ocean from ModClothChocolate Chip Cookies from ModClothHouse Rules Table Runner from ModCloth

Where Oh Where Does the Music Come From??

So I'm currently sitting at my computer trying to scan some stuff for work and I have my iPhone in front of me with the Songza app opened and I'm listening to the Today's Biggest Hits station (? are they called stations on Songza?)
Pretty sure I should 'leaf' this source alone ;).
I was just wondering where you guys get your new music fix??
I also love the Hit-Bound feature on Sirius/XM station 2 Hits 1!
I follow my Facebook and Instagram feeds as well because sometimes people add songs they love!
I just added Drunk Last Night by Eli Young Band to my Facebook feed :).
So! I'm curious where do you find new music.. this is partially selfish as I want to find new music as well.. but partially informative because I'm sure we all want to find new music!!
Thanks guys!
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