Friday, November 1, 2013

Where Oh Where Does the Music Come From??

So I'm currently sitting at my computer trying to scan some stuff for work and I have my iPhone in front of me with the Songza app opened and I'm listening to the Today's Biggest Hits station (? are they called stations on Songza?)
Pretty sure I should 'leaf' this source alone ;).
I was just wondering where you guys get your new music fix??
I also love the Hit-Bound feature on Sirius/XM station 2 Hits 1!
I follow my Facebook and Instagram feeds as well because sometimes people add songs they love!
I just added Drunk Last Night by Eli Young Band to my Facebook feed :).
So! I'm curious where do you find new music.. this is partially selfish as I want to find new music as well.. but partially informative because I'm sure we all want to find new music!!
Thanks guys!

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