Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Affiliate Brands!!

Good evening blog friends :)

So today I joined up with 3 awesome affiliate programs!!

1. - A new site to me that offers daily emails about awesome sales going on with like fashion, decor, and accessories!! :)

They a deal going on with these really cute leggings!!
2. - Now I've been a loyal Julep Maven for about a year and a half now(?) and their service is really cool!! Every month they email you the box style that you fit with at least 2 nail polishes in it and usually a bonus item. It's roughly $20 in Canada with a little bit extra in shipping. But if you look at the link at the top right of the blog you can get your first box for FREE to try!! FREE PEOPLE, FREE!!

3. - I've also had personal experience with this website as it's an awesome place to get customized mugs, posters, shirts, bags, you name it, they'll make it!! They have a lot of themed stuff and you can even make your own logo on stuff!! Really fun!

Hopefully you guys like the ads that are on the blog from these three sites. I think they are all great and chose them specifically because I'd like to do business with them.

G.U.Y. - Lady Gaga


P.S. - I'm going to have one more blog post tonight :). It's a organizational project I attempted :).

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