Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Album Review: Hellogoodbye's 'Everything Is Debatable'

Yay new music!! Love it!!
So I purchased this album on iTunes this morning, because after all it's New Cd Tuesday ;).
Started playing it as I did some errands today and listened away.
Overall feeling is that is has a very Hellogoodbye feel. Forrest (the lead singer) has a very unique voice which makes these songs comfortable even though they are new songs.
The first track 'And Everything Becomes a Blur' starts with a very techno/80's vibe sound. But then it moves fluidly to the strings and vocals of Hellogoodbye.
Just a random note: I really like the artwork on this one. Very dynamic cover and looks pretty.
The title track '(Everything Is) Debatable' starts very throwback as well. It's kind of a cool theme actually. Just a very flow-y song.
As I tried something new of just flipping through the next 10 songs and listening to which song 'grabbed' me I stopped at the song titled 'Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon'.
It had an upbeat vibe that I really liked. Has the reverb sound that Hellogoodbye is famous for. I also think the overall message of the title is cool. Life lesson ;).
OH! If you have been reading this review with a slight 'I should know them but from where' thought..they had a HUGE hit in Here (In My Arms) a few years back ;)
I do like this album. It's very chill and perfect for just hanging out. Check it out! :)

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