Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scarf Storage DIY!!!

Hi Guys!!

So I really like a good scarf. I think they can pull an outfit together really well by adding a pop of color or just enhancing an outfit. 

One of my issues though? How to store the scarves that I have. I want to display them because they are so darn pretty. 

So I searched Pinterest and saw some ideas of hanging scarves on circular hooks on a rod. Well I didn't have a rod or circular hooks, but I did have these ornate bracelets that my friend Alyssa got me from India when she went. 

That is how I discovered this great idea!

This is the bracelet I used.

The setup before I started creating

Setup from a wider view

Setting up the bracelets for placement on the hooks

Draping the scarves in half on the bracelets

Wider view of my scarf corner. Love the view
I love seeing these scarves when I go into my room now. The colors are just beautiful and it will remind me to wear them whenever I can. Definitely not the last organizational project in my room. More to come!!

I bought the scarves at (L to R): Distractions in Slave Lake, and the other three are from Stella and Dot. I got mine from my friend Chelsea:

Stella and Dot makes amazing scarves! They are super soft, colorful, comfortable, and just versatile. I can't wait to get more...not sure where I'd store them though ;).

Stella and Dot also makes candles!!

This one smells amazing! And the packaging is so cute!!

The jewelery that I have to find a new home for :) Go Oilers ;)
Thanks for reading!

I look forward to more of these kinds of posts :).


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