Thursday, November 14, 2013

Feature Friend: Meghan McGuigan!!

Back in 2012 :)
Happy Thursday!!

Ok, so to start off with I'm going to buckle to trends and do a semi throwback Thursday that I promises links to the overall feel of this blog post :).

So back in 2012 I was asked by my friend Meghan if I would sit for her so that she could do my makeup...I of course said YES!! Who wouldn't??? 

So this is the result of that awesome sitting. I had so much fun and I can see that this was one of the starting points of my love for makeup and for my obsession with anything Snow White ;)

After Meghan's magic 

Such a beautiful person inside and out :)
So following this, I fell in love with all of anything that Meghan created. Loved watching her amazingly helpful, fun and just enjoying to watch YouTube videos (she super inspired me to start my own channel..and heck my own blog!)

Her blog is where it's at! The posts are vibrant and helpful. Great quality guides to makeup and more importantly life. Meghan has such wisdom and insight that just makes sense. Her uplifting posts make her relatable and approachable (because I'm shy I love seeing into people's personal worlds and relating to them so that I'm more able to connect with them). 

I love that she is so open and honest with her life. Definitely get inspiration from her and what she's accomplished. I love being proud of my friends and I can honestly say I'm super proud of this girl. I'm proud to call her my friend as well!!

Meghan's AWESOME blog: (go say hi! :))

Her YouTube username is MakeupandMeg :) awesome videos!

Just a video I filmed about my first makeup experience with Meghan

OH! P.S. - I've been super lucky to have Meghan do my makeup on two photoshoots that I've done! She's always awesome with the makeup and makes me feel amazing. Love it!!

Oh! One more PS, I'm seriously digging the 8tracks app that Meghan turned me on to. Music and makeup, she's an all-star! :)

Love ya Meghan! I love that you are in my life!


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