Monday, October 28, 2013

Honey, I'm Home!!

One of the first things I saw when I sat down to the computer this morning :)

Good morning!!
Well it's official! I'm back home in Slave Lake for the winter!
Highlights? We already have snow! I got to cruise with my bestie last night! brother has the most up to date iPhone in the house now...and we NEVER thought he'd get a phone!!
So here I sit enjoying my morning coffee while I hear my Mom sew away on the hem of my Dad's pants and I'm reminded of why I love it here.
This is definitely home. This place is cozy and safe and familiar. It's encouraging, supportive and warm. I love knowing that it's always here for me and I can count on it. I can count on hearing my Dad yell from the upstairs when I'm downstairs because the Oilers scored. I can count on hearing my brother get super excited for the newest cooking show we can watch together. And I can count on my Mom wanting to be super organized about our upcoming trip.
I love my family. I love this house. I have sooooo many memories here.
It's weird though. As much as I love this house and the people in it, the adventure bug inside of me doesn't want to hibernate. I still want to roam around and be confident. Do my own thing and try new things! I know by no means am I stuck here and I love knowing that.
I'm just very interested to see what happens next!
I love this song! Shania is key when  you come home ;)

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