Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Feature Friend: Heidi Hurst!! :)

It's that time again!! Where I shout from the imaginary rooftop of life and proclaim one of my friends as awesome! :)

Look at this chill girl! ;)
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce:

 Ms. Heidi Hurst!!

Now Heidi is one of my newest friends, but in the roughly 6 months that we've known each other we've done a lot together!

This girl is amazing!! She has traveled everywhere!! She's even going to Antarctica in December!! She's amazing and sooo inspiring for me!

She has such knowledge in her head that you just have to absorb when she's around! You can't let it slip away!

I love that Heidi and I are alike in some ways because that means we have a lot of fun together! We are both up for road trips, scandalous times and a good ol' trip to the Korean BBQ in Calgary, which everyone should go to! It's amazing! You cook your meat right at your table!! Well Heidi cooks it when we go ;).

I love having this lady in my life as a backbone and a source for knowledge and direction, whether it be planning a New York holiday for me or for writing a snotty email to prove a point, she's always got my back!

I am sure gonna miss this girl when she's done at the end of this week :(. The warehouse is never the same without her giggle and her obscure references and just her overall tone of collab with me against the male gender! ;). I swear we scared a new forest officer today! Woot girl power!

For all of these reasons, and more, Heidi should start to become 'popular!', which is the song from Wicked that reminds me of Heidi whenever I hear it!

Love this girl!

Love you Heidi!

Check out her travel planning Facebook Page!! She really is a travel designer! She will give you the trip that YOU want! Not some run of the mill one but something that you can alter, configure and choose all for yourself!! Love her!

Heidi's Page -

Wicked - Popular

Love you,


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