Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Muffin Topless Fall Challenge!!

Hi Guys!!

So I follow this awesome lady named Savannah (@muffintopless) on Instagram and she put out this Fall Challenge for October on her website: www.muffin-topless.com

It looks fun and doable! 

Here's the challenge:

So the first challenge is to write down your goals. Now I'm not a huge writer (typer yes, but writing no) so I did what I do best, took to Pinterest and created a new board! It's a visual representation of my goals so far, I'll be adding on all the time and I've written personal captions to explain why the pictures are there. 

I've noticed that it is very therapeutic and fun to do! How can you work towards your goals if you don't even know what they are???

I'm super excited for this challenge because I know it means working on myself in an organized way. And it's small little steps that are achievable and it'll make me feel proud when I can cross them off!

In case you wanted to see my new board, here it is:

I'd love to see yours if you make one, or know some of your goals! 


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