Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Opportunities Await

I started this blog with 'life is amazing', but then deleted it because I thought it sounded too cheesy...but you know what? Life is AMAZING!

I got to stand on pretty much the top of a mountain yesterday and look at the highway below, but also look far into the distance and see Calgary reduced to 4 or 5 skyscrapers. It was AMAZING! You never realize how small you actually are until you are there and you look around at the beauty of the world.

Another amazing thing was the feeling of unity as a row of people on treadmills all ran and no one looked out of place, we all belonged and we all were strong for being there. It was euphoric to sense that I was part of this group of people who run on treadmills...like I've said before and it's probably going to be my theme this summer...WHO IS THIS GIRL? Being 24 and still learning things about yourself and experiencing new things is amazing.

As a teacher, I believe that we should always be learning, but to physically see it and acknowledge it gives such great power to my life. It's amazing and so am I.

I started this blog to talk about music and review it because it has such a part of my life, but through this personal, non-music related, well kinda, posts, conversations and dialogues have been opened that I don't think ever would.

I love being able to be my honest self and people embrace it and talk about it with me. Heck I love honesty, because honestly, what's the point in faking an interest in something, why waste your days with things that you don't like, but society deems 'cool'. I love zombies(which is becoming popular ;)), I like to host events, I love my music, and I'm a sucker for a good sarcastic comment. That's me, there's no point in trying to be anyone else because people can tell that that's not genuine and it's kinda weird.

Thanks for reading, I love posting and will continue to do so no matter if no one reads this.

It's cathartic for me :)

Love y'all.



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