Monday, April 1, 2013

Find Your Happy

The smallest of things can make your day great. 

Seeing one of your best friend’s engagement ring over lunch. 

Buying two different kinds of prunes (yes prunes, I know I’m secretly 85) and then having your own taste test to see which kind is better. 

Booking a party and inviting all of your girlfriends and having a lot of them agree and then realizing how amazing that night will be if it all works out. 

Getting text messages from your parents every night virtually kissing you on the forehead.

My glowing lamp :)
Finally setting up your desktop lamp so you don’t have to get up and turn the main light off. 

Gosh, reflecting on the day gone by is kinda cool and fun. Realizing that I still have to do 80 squats before bed, not as fun, but still a small part of today that makes it mine. 

Choose things in your day that you love and are personalized to you. 

Focus on those things. Not the jerk that cut you off in traffic, but the fact that the light turned green as soon as you touched your brake pedal. 

Look for the good in situations, and find your own happy. 

No two happy’s look the same, find yours and be better for it :)

Night y’all.


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