Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have You Ever...

Have you ever had one of those moments where you start thinking and planning something that for your whole life you told yourself and others that you couldn’t do?

I had one of those moments today.

I found myself researching and broadcasting my intention to run a 5k race. 

Now my whole life I’ve told people that ‘i’m not a runner’ ‘my chest is too big to run’ and ‘i don’t understand just running to run’.

But you know what?


Yes it’ll take time and work to work up to that level, but I can do it!

I have supporters and I have the conviction to want to do it. 

Probably helps that I picked a super fun sounding 5k. 

You run in the dark with a headlamp on and you get beer and a great DJ after!


MUSIC AFTER!! (not a beer fan at all so that part doesn’t really entice me ;))

Just the fact though that I am looking into it and it’s an actual possibility makes me take a step back and look at myself and say ‘who are you?’. 

Who is this girl who goes walking for an hour after work?

Who is this girl that is looking into running bras and heart rate monitor watches?

Who is this girl who eats all of her veggies and protein first and then throws away half a baked potato?


This new girl is me. This new girl is what I’ve chosen for myself. I’ve chosen to start living healthy and I think (/hope) that it’s rubbing off on the people around me. 

I love hearing what other people are doing for exercise or how healthy they are eating. 

It’s like this whole new world of health has opened up for me and it’s been there all along, I just had to start looking!!

Gah, gone are the days of craving chips and pop, now I want an orange and water. (not 100% of the time, because hey, I’m human).

I just love that I’m at an age now where it’s ok to eat healthy and workout, it’s not just for super skinny people or models. It’s an every person kind of thing!

I know this because the cutest little old man works out where I do. 

He walks, rows and lifts weights in his plaid long sleeve button up shirt and khaki pants, his slicked back white hair and a towel around his shoulders.


I’m actually kind of sad when I don’t see him at the gym!

But anywho...this is getting kind of rambly.

I just wanna end by saying that change takes time, and everyday you are faced with choices that only you decide.

So choose what makes you happy and be ok with that, whatever it may be.

Love y’all.


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