Monday, April 8, 2013



We all need it, whether it comes from within or from an outside source, we need things to keep us going.

Today I’m gonna write about a few things that usually inspire me.
  1. The first of the month: why? Because it’s a fresh new month, with many possibilities. I can be honest in saying that I’m much more ‘inspired’ to start taking charge on the 1st than I am on the 8th. Sad, but true. 
2. Music: Given the fact that this is mostly, well kinda, a music blog, music plays a huge role in my life. I make playlists for everything and some of my most confident moments is when music is playing. Last Tuesday I almost danced while I walked the track because the music was just so good!

3. My Instagram feed: I have ‘followed’ so many fitness junkies on there, whenever I go through my feed, there is either a healthy, yummy recipe, or a workout that is amazing, or before and after pics that are just fantastic. A picture says a thousand words and I look at hundreds of pictures a day, and that says a lot ;).

4. My inner self: that little girl inside of me that pushes me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Yes it’s hard as hell sometimes to leave my family and try new things, but eventually it’ll be good for me. I know I could take the easy road and stay at home and work and live and survive, but then I wouldn’t grow. It’s hard because somedays I do wanna quit and move back to my old life because it’s familiar and comfortable, but by having this blog and writing how I feel almost every day I get through it. And I am looking to future Marie, who in September or October can look at these old entries and know that the choice I made was for the best. I don’t wanna just float through life comfortably and with no risk, I wanna try new things and break my own trail. 

My Mom always told us ‘you can leave, but know that you can always come back’.

Knowing the amazing family I have to come back to always gives me the strength when I’m away from them. 

Love y’all.


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  1. Love this Marie. I love #4. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone and discovering new possibilities. That's living to me, and not a lot of people have the courage you do to take on new challenges. Proud of you :)

    Similar to your post, I'm inspired by struggles. I love learning life lessons, and striving to become something better. I'm inspired by feeling my own power, remembering that we're all unlimited potential. I'm inspired by the mystery and unexpected.

    I'm also super inspired by people like you who take the time to share GOOD thoughts and feelings. You're a hero! Keep it up.

    - Megs


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