Saturday, April 6, 2013

Another Happy Post ;)

Make your own happy.

Those four words have been my unofficial slogan for the last little while. 

Maybe it’s growing up and maturing (to the ripe old age of 24) that has taught me that I can’t expect to be happy when I’m only looking for validation from others. 

That’s actually one of the last places that I should look. 

I need to be happy with me. 

I need to do things that I wholly approve of and am proud to scream from the rooftops.

Do I make mistakes? 

Well, sure, everybody does.

But do I focus on those and only tell people about them?

Heck no!

I do the opposite.

I overwhelm people with the joys of my day. 

You know why?

Because THAT’S what I’m passionate about, THAT’S what I wanna talk about. 

I don’t wanna go into detail and re-hash my brutal moments. 

I wanna relive when I scored the winning goal in soccer and everyone ‘attacked’ me with hugs afterward...I don’t wanna bring up when I let in a penalty kick. 

It’s funny, whenever I hear the question: Is the glass half full or half empty? I instantly say half full, and I have to consciously try to wrap my head around the concept of it being half empty. It has liquid in it so that’s full.

The same goes for my life, if there is any trace of happiness in it, then I am happy, and there are not a lot of days where there is absolutely no happy to speak of. 

You gotta find your happy. 

Look for it, and even if it’s an eye dropper amount, cherish that happy, even if it’s down pouring sadness. 

YOU choose YOUR happy, no one else gets a say in that. 

You know why?

Because you don’t get a say in their happy. 

We are all individuals. 

We all get to be ourselves.

Cherish anything and everything that makes YOU happy! 

Love y’all. 


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