Wednesday, July 24, 2013

That's My Jam!

So about a week ago, I purchased the new Relient K album "Collapsible Lung", left it on my iPhone to just kind of cycle through and get some decent play in my vehicle.

Well it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I actually started to listen when it came on; other times it was just background soundtrack for my life.

One of the songs hit me though. The lyrics were fun, poppy ones intermingled with names of bands added in to tell the story of the song. Hearing names of bands/songs being referenced not in their musical sense but in the literal definition was very cool.

Here is an example of what I'm referring to:

Jane's addicted and Alice is in chains
U2 like to move me in mysterious ways
We're chasing waterfalls and wonderwalls
My Jewel, you were meant for me so save my soul
Add seven Mary three plus 98 degrees
Eve 6 times 311, that's you and me

Love these words! I just think it is really clever :)

And it's a collab with Owl City! Who hasn't loved them since this gem???

Thanks for listening to my love and appreciation of music! :)


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