Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tell Them That It's My (Sexual?) Birthday?

So a couple of weeks ago I purchased the new Selena Gomez album entitled Stars Dance.

The first time I listen to a new album I like to have a long road and a good drive ahead of me so I can listen to the whole album nonstop and (in my opinion) the artist wants me to listen to it in order because that's why they set it up the way that they did. 

So the first song comes on and it is called 'Birthday'. I'm excited by this track name because my birthday is coming up and I'm always looking for cutesy songs to put on my newest birthday playlist.

Well the song starts and it's fun, exclamatory and bold, with pop bubbliness as well.

I think it's great! Love the party, poppyness of it! 

...and then all of a sudden there is random moaning...like hardcore, grunting, moaning, with interminglings of 'jazz it up' throughout..

and then it goes back to babydoll pink and bubble gum

and then back to the S&M, whips and chains back room of a club

It's crazy but just knowing that that part is coming up kinda ruins the song for me :(

Not exactly sure why it was included, maybe to signify that Selena is an adult now and isn't all about bubblyness?

Not sure but the two parts of this song sound like they belong in two VERY seperate songs. 

If you'd like to listen here it is :):

No hate on Selena, the rest of the album is really good, just this song kinda threw me :)


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