Monday, July 1, 2013

BVJ Countdown - Day 37!

Grew up drivin' on black ice
Spinnin' in circles under Northern lights
Laughter steamin', small town dreamin'
Digging tunnels in the deep snow
Sheltered from the shiver of a ten below
And I'm right at home

I'm a Northern girl, wild and free
I've got four strong winds to carry me
I've been East to West and all around the world
But I'll always be a Northern girl

Northern Girl - Terri Clark

This being Canada Day, I had to choose a Canadian and a song that represents true Canadian pride for me :). Definitely am and will always be a northern girl at heart! I just love my Canada!!

Also Terri is selling merchandise for the Flood Relief in Southern Alberta, if you wanted to help out :). I know I did!! 


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