Saturday, May 11, 2013

Peace and Quiet

There is something extremely calming about coming into work early on a weekend. No one is around, the office is your personal space. You can have free run of the place.

There is just a peace about being in a space where there is normally so much activity, but when you come in on weekends, it's mostly gone and you can just focus on your task.

I'm feeling super creative lately and love all of the outlets that I have; blogging, youtube, Instagram, just general creativity!

This quiet allows me to manifest these ideas and actually create things!

Now of course, I love sleeping in, and won't fool myself into thinking that I'll always get up early to enjoy these moments, but when they randomly pop up, I'll embrace them and use them to my full advantage.

P.S. - of course it helps that I get to play any music I want and no one cares because no one is here!! Currently playing? Long Hot Summer by Keith Urban...ahh perfect song ;).


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