Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get 'Carrie'd Away!

So I went to a live show on Saturday!!

Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes! :)

Had an awesome time! Perfect seats, even though we were on the other side of the arena, we had a straight view to the stage. No craning one's neck or stretching to see over anyone! :).

Hunter was a youthful, energetic, chatty opener, which was nice. I like when they talk to the crowd and interact with the fans. He did his job and played the four songs that I was familiar with. 'Wanted', 'Somebody's Heartbreak', 'I Want Crazy', and 'Storm Warning'. I would recommend all of these songs!

We had the obligatory break between acts which lasted about 30 minutes.

Then it was time for Carrie! She opened with 'Good Girl' and a great pink/fuschia dress. Looked stunning as she always does! I loved that she played her old hits like 'Jesus, Take the Wheel', 'Before He Cheats', and 'Flat on the Floor'. She also sang quite a few new numbers from her 'Blown Away' album, which the tour was named after. The image of gigantic beach balls being tossed around the fans on the floor while Carrie sang, 'One Way Ticket' which has a very beachy feel to it. Highlights as well? A random visit from Hunter Hayes on Carrie's 'Leave Love Alone', which was a surprise but a very cool duet, because it was Hunter's last night on tour! As well a video duet with Brad Paisley during their song 'Remind Me'. It was a cool visual because Brad could not be in every live event.

Fun addition? Goats 'screaming' during Hunter Hayes first song as a joke on the side view screens.

Loved being able to spend it with my cousin Diana as well. We were dancing in our seats, laughing at the goats and yelping out our favorite tunes. I may have left with only half a voice that night! It also helped to have her because of the sketchy parking situation we were in; Diana knows what I mean.

Overall, a great show and a great voice in both artists. Love watching Carrie live because of how she came up in the business and her talent was what got her to where she is today :).

Can't wait to see which show I go to next!


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