Monday, May 20, 2013

Lady A's 'Golden'

First Impression of Lady Antebellum’s New Album ‘Golden’

1. Get To Me - Good opening song. Very classic country. Has a message of longing and love lost. Love Hilary’s voice as always. Not an overly special song, but a good opener.

2. Goodbye Town - This song is an example of one of the reasons that I think that Lady A is so popular. The combination of both male and female vocals is just stunning. This song is definitely relatable for anyone who has grown up in a small town. We all unfortunately have our ‘goodbye towns’. Everyone leaves after a while. 

3. Nothin’ Like the First Time - Beautiful, soulful vocals on this song. Every remembers the firsts that they’ve had. Has a soft, velvety feel to it. 

4. Downtown - The first single off of this album, this is a perfect song to start introducing people to this album. Very upbeat, very fresh and a great summer song. I’ve the had the opportunity to be driving in the city, sun shining, with the windows down and this song comes on and it makes the experience just that much more magical.

5. Better Off Now (That You’re Gone) - An upbeat song about sticking it to an ex and saying that life is better that they are not in it. I could see this becoming an anthem for some following a bad end to a relationship. 

6. It Ain’t Pretty - A slower song, about heartbreak. Definitely a drive your car in the rain,  cry a few tears and smack the steering wheel when you are safely parked. I would call this a ‘thinking’ song. One where you drive or sit and listen to a slow song and kind of drift off into your own thoughts.

7. Can’t Stand the Rain - Very sweet song about finding love in a friend. When life’s storms get you down you find a friend when you can’t stand the rain - love those words. Makes my heart smile. Love the love in this song. 

8. Golden - Title track of the album. Feeling a lot of romance and love on this album. This song does not go against that. Definitely an ode to a love. Such a simple word to describe so much in a person. 

9. Long Teenage Goodbye - Love the twang that starts this song. This is one of the songs that make me love country music. I love the ‘story songs’. The ones where they paint a scene with lyrics and you can imagine yourself there and how you would feel. Plus having past my teenage years, I can relate to this song. Just gotta embrace those summer nights and not worry about tomorrow.

10. All For Love - This song hits hard, well the first bit anyway. Having gone through a breakup when I was told that I was everything that person needed and then being let go was super hard. I do like the multiple perspectives of this song, but the first part made me almost tear up and get upset because of how frustrating it is. Very good song. Probably my favorite tied with Downtown. Very personally connected.

11. Better Man - The perks of having a group that has both male and female lead vocals. You can have songs like this where it’s from a male view. Also, the female background adds a softness to it. 

12. Generation Away - Sounds kind of a tropical start. Like this upbeat ending to the album. I absolutely loathe when artists load all of their slow songs in the last 3-4 songs. They get skipped from me! This is a fun ending and will keep me coming back for more! Good job Lady A!

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