Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Influenster Find: Montagne Jeunesse Clay Mask Trial!!

Happy Almost 2014!! 

Last blog post of 2013!!

So the other night I was in a bath mood and I knew that I had received a clay mask in my Influenster Maple VoxBox so I decided what a perfect opportunity to try it out!!

This is what ensued!! 

I actually think I had put the mask on wrong, but I didn't realize this until about halfway through my bath...or right after I took this photo but I decided that it would do it's purpose either way so I didn't change it :).

It was a really nice mask, no harsh scent and it moisturized my face. I like the masks where you rub it on yourself, not overly a fan of these pre-cut ones just because people like me can't understand how to put it on correctly. I can't wait to try other masks from this company (Montagne Jeunesse). They are so lovely and luxurious feeling :).

Thanks for all of your support this past year you guys! I can't believe where my blog has gone to and where the future will take it. Thank you again!!

Listening to: NYE 2013 playlist on 8tracks :).


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