Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mini Makeup Haul!! :) Christmas Gift Card

Hey Guys!!

So for Christmas my awesome Dad got me a $100.00 Sephora gift card (he went into Sephora(!), I can only imagine how comfortable he felt there!). So on Boxing Day I ventured into the madness and picked up two items. They were 'splurges' for me and I wanted to get some really good base products.

The first one is all about tackling something that I am focusing a lot of my attention on: MY BROWS!!

These bushy, semi sparse, semi big strips of hair above my eyes are my focus for my beauty routine. So I decided to try something that had a wax and a powder component and maybe that would make them controllable.

So I purchased the Benefit Browzings kit in Medium.

The next item that I invested in was a product from Yves St. Laurent. This is my second purchase from this brand and I feel like I'm super splurging when I buy anything from them. I wasn't looking to buy a gel eyeliner but this colour caught my eye. It's number 5 and I think it's called Black Cherry or something like that. I'm super excited to try this with my new Naked 3 palette and jazz up my eyeliner :).

 Those were my two splurges. Look for them in upcoming looks and on my YouTube channel :).


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