Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finds Because of Friends :) (love these ;))

Happy Thursday!!

How is everyone doing??

So I was listening to my music the other day and realized that I have a few artists that I've found because they are friends with my friends (so we are pseudo friends :)).

Here are some featured musicians that are my friends of friends :).

1. Mae Anderson (Self-Titled) - So way back in the day there was this boy named Spencer who lived across the street from me. He played road hockey with my brother and his parents ran the local soccer organization so I knew him through that as well. Well as fate would have it, Spencer nabbed himself an amazing vocalist for a girlfriend, and my ears get to benefit from that union :). I purchased his girlfriend Mae's album on iTunes and I was really blown away by the mature voice that she possessed. When her song 'Waited' came on in my vehicle I just assumed that it was a seasoned professional's song that I had overlooked. It was awesome to see that it was a newbie on my music list that was showing me what's what. I really encourage you guys to listen to this awesome vocalist :). 

P.S. - She also has a French song as well!! :).

2. Lora Jol (Two Peas) - So you guys remember Chelsea right? I feel like every second blog post has Chelsea in much so that she should be paying me advertising ;) (jk!!). Anywho!! I learned about this next artist because she's good friends with Chelsea. Like with Mae, I went out and downloaded this album as well and gave it a listen. It's very calming and Lora has a very velvety voice (alliteration? ;)). This is very chill music. Very have it on while you just hang around your house and curl up with a cozy blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and it's snowing outside. I also like the way that this album was recorded. Has a very 'live' vibe which is very fun. I bet that Lora would put on a great show :).

3. Georgia Murray (Just a Dream) - So I first encountered this artist when my friend Meghan included her music in one of her YouTube Tutorials. You know Meghan, she's in the same category as Chels in that I mention both of them like ALL the time ;). Anywho!! I went out and purchased Georgia's EP and really enjoyed her voice. She is very smooth but has a unique quality as well that makes you perk up. She is very chill music as well but she has upbeat hits too. The title track definitely makes you happy and makes you want to smile. 

So after all of those, I would like to thank my friends for having cool friends ;). 

And if anyone else knows cool people who make cool music that would be awesome to hear!!


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