Thursday, September 26, 2013

These Boots Were Made For...

You know the saying 'he/she wears many hats?'.

Well as of last week, I was a woman who wore many boots! (Ok, not many by some standards, but a couple is many for me :)).

And it's interesting because with both sets, I 'feel' differently when wearing them.

Let me explain...

These are my 'work boots'. They are steel-toed, have good soles, and need to be double knotted or else they come undone and so do I! ;). They make me feel powerful and like my mind is into my work. They also remind me of '300' where they say 'THIS IS SPARTA' and then the victim gets kicked into the chest into the pit. I feel powerful enough to kick someone into a pit if need be with these boots on! And believe me that power feels amazing!! :).

Now these are different boots altogether. Heck, I named them my 'fancy boots' when I saved them on my computer. I just got these the other day from Addition-Elle and I. LOVE. THEM. I honestly haven't worn any other shoes! Except to workout! They are super comfy and easy to walk in! But when I hear that clack clack, I feel super powerful too! Like all businesswoman-like who is taking on her life. And I get a ton of compliments on them too! Heck the manager of where I work commented on them! And he's a man's man! I also think of Devil Wears Prada when Anne Hathaway calls the girls shes works with the 'Clackers'. I don't mind being a clacker in these boots ;). I can't wait to do a fall lookbook video on my YouTube page with these as a major feature! :)

This blog was mainly for me to showcase that you should do whatever makes you feel powerful, confident and your best self, because ultimately that's our goal right? Wear shoes that wow people and make you feel confident, dye your hair, wear a bold scarf, make a statement in your own life. 

Make your own happy!! 

Love y'all.


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  1. Now days there is a bit difficult get a good boat with good soles. I think you choose a good boot for you


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