Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Feature Friend: Amanda Morie!! :)

Yep she's stunning!
Ok! I feel like expending all of my energy into telling you how fantastic one of my friends is! 

I've already done this once before, with Chelsea, remember? ;)

I loved it so much, being able to pour out my heart to one specific person that I decided I'd do it on a semi-regular basis! When inspiration strikes!!

And given all of the wonderful things I saw light up my FB feed about this lady yesterday, I decided that she deserved her moment from me :)

So may I introduce to you my amazing friend Amanda!!

Kate, Shelena, Amanda and I :) Science Girls for Life!!

Okay so I'm not going to write a super professional expose on Amanda because with her amazing art skills she's had plenty written about her. I'm going to write this straight from the heart and make it personal :).

So I met this fabulous lady my first year at the U of A. It just so happened that we sat at the same table in our Science Curriculum class. Now this girl has style. And always astounded me with her choices to class. Her hair was perfectly curled, makeup was dramatic and stunning and the outfits looked like she was going to a boardroom rather than a University class. But she pulled it off and I wouldn't have expected any less. 

Very outgoing, say what's on her mind kind of lady. Which was awesome because the first year of University, I was a shy mouse. But that didn't stop her, no way no how. Chatted it up quite at bit at that table with the other girls (Shelena and Kate who just may get their own spotlight later ;)). We made amazing friendships at that table and I'm still friends with all three of them today! That's saying a lot since school ended like 4 years ago?

Amanda is energetic, feisty and very driven. She has passion and amazing talent. 

And of the biggest things that I love about her? She has confidence in her friends. Like I could tell her any of my plans and she's super supportive and encouraging and suggests other things I could look into.

I love this girl. I wish I got to see her more, but she's my little globetrotting friend. I definitely cherish when I run into her at the mall and get a quick hug and chat. I couldn't be prouder of her. I love that we met the way we did. 

P.S. - She does amazingly artistic things, like heck right now I'm wearing a hoodie with her art on the back!! She's always got my back ;).


Art from my beautiful friend 

I think of Amanda saying this every time I wear this hoodie :).

I have this one in my room in Slave!! :)

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