Thursday, September 12, 2013

Country with an 'Urban' Twist

Hi Guys!

Just felt like being cutesy with the greeting today!

Probably because I get to talk about something that I love in this post! (not that I don't love everything that I post, otherwise why would I blog about ?!)

So this is going to be a concise (hopefully!) review of the new Keith Urban album 'Fuse'.

The first single off of this album was entitled 'Little Bit of Everything'. It has a very easy flow, kind of Caribbean with how relaxing and smooth it is. The lyrics themselves leave something to be desired with Keith proclaiming that he wants a woman who will cook for him, do everything he wants with him. Not a HUGE fan of that and a coworker actually mentioned it as well, but the song has a good flow so it's easy to listen to.

There are gems on this record that I really love. The first track called 'Somewhere In My Car' gets 'cranked' every time it comes on in my vehicle! My hand goes out the window and the world gets to feel my flow :). Reminds me of cruising and also, alas, of being alone :( (Debbie Downer moment!)

The next song that I really dig is called 'Cop Car'. It's all about teenage love and rebellion involving the police. Just the way that he sings about falling in love with the girl at his side at that moment gives me goosebumps, and lets me recover from the sadness of the first track! 

Keith has two awesome duets on this album. One with Miranda Lambert that may or may not be hitting radio stations soon as I saw a picture of them together on one of the local country stations Facebook pages (go Country 105!). It's a sweet song and I love Miranda's vocals with Keith's.

The other duet is with hot stuff Eric Church on a song called 'Raise 'Em Up'. Now listen to this song and tell me if the semi chorus doesn't remind you of 'Somebody Like You' (another Keith hit!). Just strange how it felt like deja vu when it came on in the car the other day!

Lastly a beautiful song, and possibly ode to wife Nicole, called 'Black Leather Jacket'. This song reminisces about the past, but also references the future and their current children. Love songs like this where artists reference their significant others. I love seeing the love.

Overall, a very good album from Keith. Not one that I adore every song, but that's rare. I love his voice and knowing how he performs live just makes me like him even more! Also I think that Keith is joining the group of country artists that are making the connection between country and top 40. You can tell by the beginning of some of his songs because they don't start like typical 'country' songs. Just adds to the experience!

I would definitely recommend buying this album if you are a country fan, especially a Keith Urban fan!

Love you all! 


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