Monday, August 12, 2013

Band Together

Have you ever just instantly connected with a band? Heard one of their songs and then wanted to hear EVERY. OTHER. SONG. they have put out? Feel connections with each song and know each one lyric by lyric?

This is how I feel when I think about Rascal Flatts. 

They are 'my band'. (Ok, they are not my only band, but they are my band for the sake of this post. Some would say they are my country band, as Paramore is my rock/indie/top 40 band, but I digress)

I'm going to showcase a few lyrics off of their latest album "Changed" that speak to me when I listen:

So let it hurt, let it bleed
Let it take you right down to your knees
Let it burn to the worst degree
May not be what you want, but it's what you need
Sometimes the only way around it
Is to let love do it's work
And let it hurt
Yeah, let it hurt

I love the message of these lyrics. Sometimes life hurts, and it has to, in order for you to carry on and learn from it. It's okay to hurt, but know that you will always get back up and keep going. 

Sometimes you just need a little home
Some "hey mom and dad what’s goin’ on?
I’m just checkin’ in
No, there ain’t nothing wrong”
Sometimes you just need a little home

This song has spoken to me this summer when I've been away from my 'home' (the people and the actual physical building). Sometimes you just need to Skype with your parents, call them, or drive for 6 hours to see them. Heck even when I get an email/text from my parents, I can't help but smile.

But it’s hot, hot, hot in here
Ooh, so hot, hot, hot in here
Yeah, I can’t take her anywhere
It’s so hot, hot, hot in here

This song reminds me of the Nelly 'Hot in Herre' song but with a country twist (and with Nelly doing this song with Florida Georgia Line, the connection isn't too far off ;)). I love the fun and playfulness of this song. And loved singing to it last year at BVJ!!

Thanks for reading!!


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