Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All We Want is a Little Applause

So about a week ago I started a new exercise DVD program.

It's called TurboFire!! Woot!!

Love this lady!

It's from the same beautifully awesomely chipper lady named Chalene Johnson who did TurboJam!

So anywho!

I was getting all ready to perform my daily exercise (putting on my workout clothes, my shoes, getting my POLAR watch set up and just setting things up).

And I have my iPhone going so that I can listen to music and get ready, which I love! 

One of the newest downloaded songs came on and it just gave me a great boost!

It was the newest Lady Gaga :)

Called Applause!!

She sings about doing it for the applause which of course we all do! Right ;).

Just got me really motivated and upbeat in order to start my routine!

And the DVD itself has AWESOME music!! It's why I love it I think! It's current music!

Britney Spears is on it. P!nk is on it! Love it!


Live your life for the applause! Whether it be self applause or peer given :).


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