Monday, August 19, 2013

A Long Time Coming / Life in Pictures / Slash?

I had an amazing weekend! It was full of activity, full of laughter and full of awesome! :).

It started on Friday after work, when I met up with my amazing friend Elise :). We got to our amazing hotel, which was more like an apartment, and unpacked our things.

The Head and I
Following that we made our way around downtown cowtown and stopped at Earls to eat! I love Earls! Especially on an outside patio!

Raspberry Mojito :)
Yam Fries, Sushi, Mixed Field Green salad and Calamari

Following that was a view from our balcony with complimentary red wine! (I could end this blog entry right there and it would be awesome!).

Mmm red wine
Our view at 5:30 am (don't ask lol)

After a night's sleep we had Cora's (mmm), then went to the Calgary Zoo and walked around the open areas :). Saw, and petted, a skink too! :)

Blue Tongued Sk
Hehe Penguins

Then it was nap time to charge up for the NIGHT RACE. The 5k race that started at 9:25pm and had us decked out in everything 'glow'. It was an awesome race, yes we had some rain but it helped to refresh us! I felt so proud of myself afterward! Runner's high I was told. I loved going into Denny's for dinner too and having face paint and glow in the dark bracelets still on me!

While we waited for the shuttle

Us in the dark 
Us in the kinda light

After that amazing day, we followed it up with a trip to Taste of Calgary. I've actually never been to a Taste of... event so this was awesome! Tried some yummy food and drink!

My Black Russian Fudgesicle

After that busy weekend, I came home to camp for a much needed nap and chill time in my wilderness home away from home :).

Also! Elise got me hooked on this song! I have been playing it non-stop since she played it for me!! 

Hope you had an awesome weekend too!!


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