Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New CD Tuesday - May 8th Edition - Songs I'm Loving Edition!

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Well hello there!

Me 'jamming out' ;)

So this edition of my new CD Tuesday featurette is going to be a bit different because I am not going to be talking one specific album, but rather four songs that I have fallen in love with recently!

So let's jump right in and make this short ;)

1. Send Me on My Way - Rusted Root (Album: When I Woke) - If you are like me and grew up in the 90's, you should recognize this song! Hint hint...Matilda! This song was recently on a NHL Stanley Cup commercial and it just flicked a memory switch in my brain. This has become my new get up and go, motivation song. I play it in the bathroom in the morning and it gets me up and shaking for my day :). Love that!

2. Lights - Ellie Goulding (Album: Bright Lights) - I first heard this song on my local radio station and at first, like a lot of songs I end up liking, I wasn't a huge fan, but as I heard it more and more, I got grabbed by Ellie's beautifully soft yet catchy voice and song style. I went out and bought her album on iTunes and have it playing in Rosie(my SUV :)) every so often. Love finding new artists!

3. One Foot - Fun. (Album: Some Nights) - So this song, and the next one, came out of nowhere. I actually bought this album for another song (We Are Young), but as I was listening to it on my drives, I fell in love with this song. It's cutely catchy and I love the pounding sounds in the back. Makes me feel cool when cruising ;).

4. Some Nights - Fun. (Album: Some Nights) - As I said previously, this song was unexpected, but so glad I found it :). It's such a fun song. Very declarative and I like the marching aspect to it. I love the rawness of the singers voice on it as well :) Great song!

5. Canadian Girls - Dean Brody (Album: Dirt) - Gotta include my country! Especially when it's country about my country!! I love that Dean Brody, a Canadian(!!), wrote a song about us Canadian girls and how great we are. I honestly feel that there is a lack of great Canadian girl songs. I can also think of Northern Girl - Terri Clark, but that's about it. If you can think of any, leave a comment below!! 

Thanks for reading my ramblings :)

Hope you get to hear 'your jam' sometime today,


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