Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What It Feels Like For a Girl

Hi Hi Hi

So...the promise of doing a new blog every week didn't exactly go over, now did it? But! I've moved back home and my evenings are way less busy than they were in the city SO!! probably more blog posts!!

Anywho...less apologizing, more blogging!!

So recently I have been going through a move to a different, more girly side of myself (at least I think so)! I haven't gone about a month without some kind of polish on my nails...and even as I type this, they are hot pink (what could be more girly than that!). It definitely feels like a natural move and one I'm really enjoying! I am starting to really love nail art; I think it all started when I started watching cutepolish and Elle Fowler YouTube videos (check out my last blog entry for them!)

When I realized what I was doing, with looking at nail art and buying a new makeup bag and getting into monthly subscription services for makeup products, my mind instantly thought of what song would be a great inspiration to showcase what I was going through. And of course it came to the Queen of Pop...MADONNA! Now this girl is timeless, represents breaking trend boundaries, trying new things and just being confident in who you are, which I really think also goes along with making yourself look and feel your best! 

I love the intro to this song! Her words about it being ok for a girl to dress like a boy, but if a boy dresses like a girl, it's degrading to the guy is a really powerful message. Now it's funny that this song, and this state of mind, should be my focus for this evening because I can kind of see this attitude even in my own life. I currently work in a warehouse job...with all guys..who like to talk about guy things. I'm not saying I don't like being around all guys, but sometimes a girl needs a dose of estrogen once in a while. And I subtly get that every time I look down at my painted nails, or I reach for my coconut body butter in my work drawer, or I get to pretty much have the bathroom all to myself. It's things like these that make me love being a girl and I take pride in my feminity. I don't know if I'll take it as far as doing my makeup for my job (hey! I can get kinda messy at work sometimes) but it's the little touches that make being a girl so much fun!

Following that trend of are a few girl power songs...and then some pictures to catch you up on my last two months!

My rainbow of nail polishes

3am French Tips

Left: My old makeup bag, Right: My new makeup bag

One of the four candles I took a chance on 
I love the random green nail

Music and polish..ahh what a good day :)

You can do wonders with masking tape

Wishing you all the best,


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