Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fighting to Survive

Hi y'all

Well this post is going to be 180 degrees different than my last post. That last one was all about being girly and makeup and pink. This one is going to be about...Wrestling. Haha. Yes, you ready it right, wrestling. And I'm not talking the UFC semi-legit stuff..nope this is the pre-planned, already decided who's gonna win everything, fake punches wrestling. And do I care enough about that fake mumbo jumbo that it makes me not want to watch it...NOPE!! See wrestling is to my family and my bond with my brother like baseball or hikes or eating Sunday dinner together is for other families. I cannot remember a time when my brother wasn't prodding me into watching Monday Night Raw (hey, he's already got tomorrow scheduled in from 7:15-9:15!). The thing is, even though we are grown up and should be over this, there is something comforting about having a subject that we both can relate to. My brother is who he is and who that is is a WWE fanatic, and I love him for it. 

So when my brother mentioned that April 1st was going to be Wrestlemania 28, my first thought was..April Fools joke..right? But nope, here I sit, waiting for the show to start in 23 measly minutes. 

It's funny though because as soon as I heard about the event, I started thinking about doing a nail art design for the occasion, and boy did I do one. I honestly think this was my favorite nail art product that I've done so far. I'm gonna show some pictures, but I will do a follow up to the products I used to create the looks because that would be far too long. Hopefully this post has inspired you to look into things that bond you with the family and friends around you..thought I was gonna say wrestling, didn't ya? I'm not that deluded to think that I have THAT much influence ;).

The Rock based on his Brama Bull Tattoo

John Cena's You Can't 'C' Me 

Triple H based on his H logo

Undertaker based on his hat

Jericho encapsulated by his sparkly jacket

CM Punk's Pepsi Tattoo inspired

John L's brothers tag team

Teddy L's good ol suit jacket

Kane represented by his mask

Randy Orton aka The Viper

My picks for the winners

My picks for the losers

Wishing you a night full of 'mania'


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