Sunday, January 22, 2012

Barefoot Black Polish Day

Hey Guys!!

So I realize that I go a crazy long time between blog posts and I think I may start my New Years Resolutions late (because when am I on time?) and resolve to make a new blog maybe every week or two? I think I have enough to talk about within that time. 

Ok! So before I get into the 'meat' of this post, I wanted to boast about this new app that I got on my iPhone. It's called Jango and I love it! You type in an artist and they create a radio station based on that artist and like artists...or if you don't want an artist you can choose a genre..mine is Hot Country right now! The second song after Jake is Voices by Chris Young..I didn't even know this artist until right's helpful to people like me who are looking for new music that I'm pretty sure I'll love :).

Anywho this is the reason I wanted to make this post!

Getting inspired from great YouTubers today!!

So I personally don't think that I will ever start doing videos for YouTube (but that could change). But in the last few months I have found some that are really inspiring and great!! My newest favorite is Elle Fowler and she does the channel AllThatGlitters21 and she is just the cutest person. The way that she lays out her room is so organized and just well thought out. Super cute!! 

Speaking of cute! I love love love cutepolish...she actually inspired me for this look..even if mine didn't turn out exactly as pretty as hers did! She does really quick nail polish tutorials and they look super easy and cute! She even has a Facebook nail!! Love her!

Last but definitely not least is my favorite YouTuber makeupandmeg!! I can honestly tell you that I would not have become so interested in makeup (or blogging for that matter!) if it were not for this girl. She is such an inspiration and she writes the cutest little blogs that it made me really interested in starting to blog. And her videos are so cute and sweet and well made..Meghan I think I have watched your lime green eye video about a million times! Oh! And more gushing! I wouldn't have heard about Georgia Murray if it were not for Meghan! So snap cup to her for introducing me to new MUSIC!! Love! I honestly think everyone who reads this blog should read her blog and watch her videos and study her life(um...a bit too far?).

Well thanks for letting me say all of that and last but not least are some pics of my nail art that I did with the four products above :).

Shell We Dance? base coat
Shell We Dance? light pink

Ink Splatter next layer
Ink Splatter Crackle

Black Nail Art Pen

Got my top coat on :)

The finished product :)

So I didn't exactly 'nail' the vision I had in mind but it still turned out cute and funky, I think :).

Have a Sunday Funday :)


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