Friday, December 2, 2011

Walking in a Winter Music Wonderland

Hey y'all.

As you can see, the winter-type season is upon us. Seeing the snow shovels return, being ecstatic about the new purchase of a snow blower and wearing the 'big' jacket for winter are all indications that Canada's winter is upon us. I myself have always preferred the cold over the hot and will choose to be too cold than too hot, so this season is not one I overly loathe. I do not pretend to enjoy the slick roads, especially since my commute is now 45 minutes which allows for 2700 wrong movements to occur (45*60 ;)).

Anywho, this post is not going to be a Negatron. It is written to talk about something that never lets me down...and that's MUSIC! Rather than doing full reviews of the latest albums I have purchased, I will comment quickly and just let you all know which albums I like.

Rihanna - Talk That Talk - RiRi does not disappoint on this new gem. Myself, personally, I prefer song number 2 (Where Have You Been). This song is great for cranking as you are cruising the highway, and for me it makes me feel like one of those bad-ass chicks in movies eg. Zoe Saldana in Colombiana. Another song that I'm digging is song number 9 (Roc Me Out). It starts very sleek and then goes into a wicked beat song. Finally song number 12 (Red Lipstick) has touches of the dubstep that I fell in love with this summer. Anything that has that, has my vote :).

Footloose Soundtrack 2011 - Okay, confession time!! Hi, my name is Marie and I have not watched the original Footloose movie! Now that that is out of the way, I have to say, I LOVED this movie!! I wanted to line dance my way out of the theatre, which felt great! The movie was great and the soundtrack is just as great, if not better! The title track, Footloose by Blake Shelton, is a great modernized version of the classic by Kenny Loggins (which my mother loves!!). Another gem is Holding Out For A Hero by Ella Mae Bowen; I loved this song so much that I am eager to hear more from her! Finally, the song that gets one of my great friends Trish jamming in her seat is Let's Hear It For The Boy by Jana Kramer! This is another remake of a classic that is superbly modernized and accessible to this generation. I love when songs and artists do that! 

Justin Moore - Outlaws Like Me - Disclaimer: You have to love, live, breathe, eat and sleep country music in order to like this album. You can't just respect country, you can't just admire country, you can't just have a friends with benefits relationship with country, you have to want to flipping marry country music! That being said, I love country but even this album got a tad 'redneck' for me. I bought this album  because of the song Bait a Hook, which I loved because I hope to never end up with someone who can't..bait a hook? Listening to the rest of the album, I fell in love with If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away, a sweet song about reconnecting with lost loved ones and what you would do if you could 'visit'. The rest of the album is pretty much cookie cutter country about beer, twang and a dirt road. It's a nice listen and an album to listen to when you are wearing your Wranglers. 

Well I hope y'all (the twang is spreading!) enjoyed my mini reviews. I also very much enjoy the song that is 'Now Playing' as Josh Groban can sing carols to me all day long and I wouldn't mind one bit! His voice is 'melt-like', easy and smooth. On that note, I wish you all the best of driving conditions, the good fortune of snow that melts on it's own and doesn't leaving death traps on sidewalks and the best start to winter possible. 

Love, Laugh, Listen

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