Saturday, November 5, 2011

SICK blog post...not the good kind ;)

Now Playing - No Time for Tears - Jo Dee Messina

Hey y'all!!

I just figured I'd finally crack and do a new blog post. The last one was on my birthday (!) and that was 2 WHOLE MONTHS AGO!

There is a reason that it was that long ago though...that's about the last time I felt healthy! I have had a congested head, aching rib, sore throat, hacking coughing monster in my body since then. It had nothing to do with the 25 jello shots I had that night, did it? 

Well anywho, I'm still alive and like the song I'm listening to conveys, there is no time for tears. Work is busy as ever (yes they still expect you to come in when you're can't wait). Social life is on it's last legs as nothing is really enticing when you feel like your head is a big ball of mucus. Like days off in fire season, the only reason I leave my bed is for ticketed events it seems. But I do believe the mend/end is in sight. I sure hope so anyways. I would like for people to believe that I'm alive again...and I wanna hold my new nephew! Henry has eluded me so far and I don't wanna miss the chance to hold a newborn! 

So yes, rather than blither on and on about what I've been the last 2 months, I'll add a few pictures. Hopefully the next one doesn't take that long to post!!

Amazing show!

My life in a bottle...
My 23rd Birthday!
Wishing you all health and happiness!!

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