Thursday, January 4, 2018

Highs and Lows

Day 3 got me.

As I fell asleep last night I realized I hadn't posted a new blog post. 

Then I started reflecting (as I always do) about what happened during the day.

Yesterday was my brother's day with me. 

We played games together, I bought him lunch and we just got to spend a day together like we used to when we were kids. 

These days are rare. 

I live 2.5 hours away from him and we don't see each other that often and even when we do it's not just the two of us. 

He's the only sibling I have so I like these little throwbacks to our childhood. 

That was the high of yesterday. 

The low?

Finding out that the gaming system I bought my brother online for Christmas was nothing but a fraud and a roughly $85 scam.

That one hurt. 

I hate disappointing people and feeling used and stupid.

Wasn't a good feeling. 

So I wasn't super inspired to post yesterday...but I'm catching up today!!

This leads me to remember that we all have bad days, bad moments, bad weeks, but we don't have bad lives. 

We have to focus on the good, focus on the gaming, focus on the bonds and let those that we have bonded with help us deal with the frauds, the fakes, the users, the awfulness. 

I know I was thankful for my family (blood or not) last night.

Love y'all.


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